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    Looking for my first pair of good speakers

    Hey, I have some pretty good headphones and iems but the only speaker i own is an Ultimate ears hyperboom which battery dosent even last that long. So i wanna finally buy some good sounding speakers. Info: I live in a pretty small apartment around 40m2. And my couch is around 3-5 meters from my...
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    Fitted carpet floor throughout the flat

    Hello, I've been looking for the perfect apartment with a large room for mixing (and producing) for a few days now. I clicked through hundreds of apartments and found out that rooms with more than 20 square metres are very rare here in Germany (and for the budget). And when there is one, it is...
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    What is a rectangular room?

    Hello, I would like to move out and look for an apartment here in Germany that has a large rectangle room, as symmetrical as possible. Is 5m x 5.50m also rectangular? This is just an example. What is the definition of rectangular for you in the studio area? (5x6 or 5x7?) I am looking for an...
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