1. H

    Opinions on putting together a used high end 3.1 speaker system w/ amp and receiver

    Hi everyone, I've been researching high end speakers and amps for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's overwhelming. I'm not super technical so reading reviews and trying to understand the charts just confuses me. I've gone to a couple shops to demo speakers and amps in person but they've...
  2. N

    Matching separates (pre/pro to amp)???

    Hi, Team. Wondering if there is a rule of thumb here, in terms gain matching your prepro and amps, in a separates config…. I have a very poor understanding here. I read about clipping, and ensuring enough voltage on the pre-outs to enable max output from your amp. Is there not protection built...
  3. Thor9981

    Does my streamer need a DAC?

    I'm placing the final touches on my home audio/theater system and I'm wondering if I can squeeze some additional performance out of the system by incorporating a DAC (Topping E50). I currently have a Cambridge Azur 851n that I really enjoy (using Qobuz). In reading some other reviews on...
  4. Z

    Anthem MRX 1140 fan noise

    Hello! Does anyone noticed that the fan in the MRX 1140 is noisy? Is not a turbo jet engine, but you can definitely hear it during a film. I've also noticed that the fan doesn't seems to be thermal driven, or at least not always. What I mean is that when you turn on the MRX, the fan starts after...
  5. Sparky

    Genelec 8341AWM paired with MiniDSP SHD

    Hi all. I have asked a few questions in various threads regarding the 8341's but, seen as though I've just purchased these beauties, I thought I would start a thread so I can keep all the valuable information in one place. So, based on the measurements Amir has taken, I have purchased a pair...
  6. Sparky

    Purifi 1et400a monoblocks with Revel M126be?

    Hi all. I'm considering a purchase of the Revel M126be speakers which are quite rare over here in England. They are 4 grand a pair which is a LOT of money especially when you consider there are no ex-demo, used or home trials available due to them being a "special order" which means there are...
  7. C

    Anthem MCA 225 2-Channel Amplifier *Black*

    Anthem MCA 225 2-Channel Amplifier *Black*
  8. O

    AVR Decisions - Anthem, Arcam, Denon, Yamaha...?

    Hi, folks. As a few of you might remember, I've recently bought a 4k UHD television followed by a Panasonic DP-UB820 player. I'm in the process of designing a new equipment cabinet in an attempt to overcome my wife's objections to the tendency of AV black boxes to procreate when she's not...
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