1. B

    Analog Pass-Through DAC to Pre

    I’m running a R26 DAC (happily) into a Madrigal Proceed AVP2 Pre/Pro (baby Levinson). I only listen to Stereo Sound (no effects, no HT). I have run dual subs historically, however, I just learned I’ve been listening to the Proceed’s internal DAC! It sounds and has sounded “good” to me. Unless I...
  2. H

    Will an external DAC sound better/different than my AVR DAC?

    Hi everyone. The thread's subject is almost clickbaity as I expect responses of "there is no difference" as I have read on numerous posts here. However, I am asking more from a theoretical perspective. Most responses I have read are similar to the following: the DAC conversion in the external...
  3. Simfunk

    Looking for speaker amp w/ sub out for DJ setup

    Hello everybody! My completely analog DJ setup looks like this: The problem is that there are a lot of controls I have to take into account: the volume of the mixer, the sub and the amp, as well as the crossover frequency of the sub. The relative volumes of the sub and the amp sometimes have...
  4. B

    Were there ever any efforts to develop improved analog audio formats?

    Hi, while I personally think that digital audio was an absolutely game changing quantum leap kind of technology, I still sometimes wonder whether it would also have been possible to develop some kind of technology which would have significantly improved analog audio. Like for example (just...
  5. bsdinis

    Bypass A>D conversion on Adam T7V?

    How hard would it be to hack the Adam T7V to feed their TAS5754M chip with a digital signal, bypassing the unnecessary Analog>Digital conversion?
  6. S

    Help me choose a UPS for my digital and analog system

    Hello everyone, I need some advice in choosing a new UPS for my stereo system. Currently, I have the following: 1. Integrated amp, Power rating: 2 x 120 W RMS @ 4Ohm 2. DAC with external switching PSU, 100 - 240 V AC, 2 A, 24 Watts 3. Preamp (line switcher), approximately 15 watts consumption...
  7. B

    Massdrop Airist R2R DAC for sale

    I have a Massdrop Airist R2R DAC in perfect working order. It has no known issues and sounds amazing. I am asking $400 with Paypal F&F buyer pays shipping or $450 I pay shipping and Paypal Goods and Services.
  8. A

    MoFi claimed its expensive reissues were purely analog reproductions. It had been deceiving its customer base for years.

    MoFi records controversy. Well, well, well, it looks like there is a bug in the analog chain. Conclusion: "...the anti-digital crowd has been lying to itself. “These people who claim they have golden ears...
  9. PaperBoat

    Fiio BTA30 Pro

    I'm looking for a good Bluetooth receiver and I see the Fiio BTA30 Pro is probably a good choice. But I'm seeking clarification on the volume control method of the Fiio BTA30 Pro so I reached out to Fiio support and asked about the volume control method. The Fiio site tells that "the BTA30 Pro...
  10. PaperBoat

    Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface

    I've some questions about the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface... Can anyone help? Is the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface's main "Monitor knob" done volume control digitally (before the DAC attenuation) OR analogically (after the DAC attenuation) on the 1/4" Line Outputs...
  11. R

    Unconventional Stereo System Issues

    So, earlier today, I encountered a really catastrophic issue regarding my unconventional stereo system. I connected my Victorola TT ( to a phono pre-amp...
  12. S

    Digital pre-amp with streaming capabilities and digital & analog inputs

    Hey guys, First time posting here! I've been lurking around since 2017 something and created the account last year I think. Anyhow! I am looking for advice as there is a jungle out there on the market and the master review index isn't helping me for the moment. What I have today: Mains for...
  13. N

    DIY RCA input switcher?

    So for the past couple months I've been looking around for something to properly enjoy some HD600s I've had since forever. It doesn't appear that anybody actually manufactures a headphone amp with the following: - 2 analog inputs - a DAC Basically 90% of my collection is stupid analog garbage...
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