1. V

    ifi Zen Dac, thoughts, reviews?

    Hi All, I didn't see too many reviews on this yet so I thought to ask, has anyone here purchased/listened to the ifi Zen Dac yet? I recently purchased the ifi Zen Dac for home use with my desktop machine, and am not really sure what to make of it. For anyone wondering, this thing here...
  2. W

    Looking for advice on a 3 channel Hypex Ncore Amplifier - ATI vs Nord/Apollon

    Looking for advice on a 3 channel Hypex Ncore amplifier - ATI vs Nord/Apollon I currently have a ATI AT528NC amplifier which powers my surrounds and atmos speakers. I am looking for another amp for my LCR (Procella P8). I have decided to stay with a Class D amp specifically Hypex ncore based...
  3. RickSanchez

    Sabaj D5 vs. SMSL M500 vs. Topping DX7 Pro: measurement comparison

    Due to overwhelming ASR member demand (kidding) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing DAC/amp combos: the Sabaj D5 vs. the SMSL M500 vs. the Topping DX7 Pro. Thanks to @amirm for all of the measurements; all of this info is from him (unless otherwise noted), I'm...
  4. Nationalizer

    Different sound tuning for different markets / continents for the same product?

    I just saw this old video and I just think it's wrong on so many levels. If this is a marketing video, it's very bad. NO ESD grounding, opening it on the carpet and not the right soldering tip. Also, what if I want the ORIGINAL sound? Not to mention all these will MEASURE differently. And...
  5. BillG

    NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Lab Report... has run a performance analysis on the NAD M10 streaming, integrated amplifier recently, and this is what they found - I can't attest to the validity of it , though...
  6. pozz

    Master Index of Measurement Comparison Charts [Defunct]

    [Click here for the current index. This thread is now defunct.]
  7. R

    McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier

    McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier $3200 I'm offering MC252 in very good working condition. Voltage: 120V Cosmetic Description: 9/10 Excellent condition with no notable blemishes. What is Included: Amplifier, Remote, Manual, Factory packaging Functional Notes: Operational condition of this item is...
  8. R

    FS: Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier

    I'm offering my Mark Levinson No. 535H 5 Channel Mono Amplifier at $3900 200w Per Channel at 8ohms New NOS Inventory - Unit comes with original packaging, accessory kit, and cables. No damage. Unit tested fully operational on all 5 channels. -Outside of Normal Factory Warranty Period-”...
  9. orchardaudio

    BOSC - HiFi Monoblock Class-D Amp

    Currently Under Development Preliminary Specifications: Gain: 16.8dB or 6.92 (For 8 and 6Ω speakers) Gain: 13.8dB or 4.89 (For 4 and 3Ω speakers) Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 121dB (A-weighted) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.0003% (-110dB) @ 7W Frequency Response: DC - 60kHz Sensitivity...
  10. F

    Want to keep my DACs sound but use external AMP for better bass response, possible?

    Hi all, So the challenge is this. I want to keep sound coming from my DAC (LG G5 smartphone) which I like alot, except it does not do bass well (I am aware of equalizers, but they don't do the job well). Is there a hardware combo for portable use that will let you keep the DACs sound but...
  11. Ratio

    [Teardown and Measurements] Swissonic HAD-1 AD/DA converter + headphone amplifier

    Hey guys, this is actually my first post on this forum so maybe a little introduction is in place. I am an electrical engineer from Finland and I've been in the headphone audio scene for quite some time now, went through a lot of gear and decided to do some measurements of my own. My measurement...
  12. karadoulis

    Budget AMP Recommendations

    Hello, I am new here, Sorry for bothering you I need opinions about AMPs. I was wondering if you guys can help me choose a budget AMP for my headphones and also Audio Technica ATH-M40x. After a lot of reading, I bought the HIFIMEDIY...
  13. Dogen

    Headphone amp kit for complete novice?

    Hi all, I’d like to build a simple headphone amp from kit or instructions, and I have absolutely no experience. What would you recommend as a good starter kit that includes casework? I’m thinking one that works from a commercially available wall wart, so I’m not building a power supply first...
  14. Peib

    How does a speakers amplifier pair with headphones?

    Im considering to buy the amplifier Pioneer A-30 for my speakers. I have not a headphone amplifier to pair with my Beyerdynamic dt 1770 pro. These headphones have 250 ohms impedance, which isnt low and an amplifier. I dont want to spend a lot of money, cause I have just bought Topping D-50 (DAC)...
  15. S

    Need amp/dac for M1060 under $250

    First time poster, I have been doing a lot of research to find the best amp/dac for under $250 US dollars and it seems every product I find has something wrong with it example, Schiit modi 2 or Magni 3. After reading the review here of the Topping D30 that looks like a great dac for me but idk...
  16. VanNeumann

    Thoughts or analysis on Topping A30 Amp or Amp portion of DX7s?

    I know a few members have had the Topping A30 and Dx7/Dx7s. Any thoughts on the sound and build quality of the amps or amp portion of the Dx7/Dx7s?
  17. FourOpposums

    Benefits of balanced dacs, amps and headphones?

    Hi Audio Science Review, first post, nice to meet you. There are a few questions that I've wondered for a while and this seems like a good place to ask. With regards to the balanced headphone craze, people have made claims that I've been wondering if are technically valid. Having never heard...
  18. Jorj

    Headphone Amp Ideas - Minus DAC

    Hi all, I'm going to recombobulate my desktop HP setup, and want the maximum flexibility for trying out various bits. I want to spend about $300 on a pure amp, no DAC. My reasoning is I have lots of DACs already, and more on the way, and just want to have the cost of the DAC spent instead on...
  19. A

    Advice: motherboard line out and headphone double amping

    Hi all, Great forum - I’m very much a novice but was hoping for some advice. I want to connect my motherboard to an external amp (i.e. use motherboard DAC). To which I will then connect my headphones - a range of low impedance normal driver [philips x2] and planar [hifiman 400i]. The amp...
  20. DonH56

    ZOTL40 Mk II Tube Amp Review -- New Approach

    This is interesting for the idea of using a HF carrier to reduce the transformer size. Not really new, actually very old, but I have not seen it applied to an audio tube amp in many years. Otherwise it seems a fairly average tube amplifier. And of course the reviewer takes a healthy swipe at...
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