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  1. L

    Adam T5V vs Kali LP-6 v2

    Hello, I've been looking for budget studio monitors for my desktop setup and have come down to Adam's T5V and Kali's LP-6 v2. I can't seem to pick one, some input from people who know more than I do would be great. I will mainly be listening to music with the occasional show (will not be doing...
  2. B

    PreSonus R65v2 -VS- Adam Audio T5V or T7V?

    Hi everyone, Been reading some amazing posts on this forum but was until today that I joined the conversation with this question in mind: Would the PreSonus R65 V2 be a contender to Adam’s T5V or T7V? Haven’t found much information on measurements for the new V2 of the R series from PreSonus...
  3. TrickyMoreira

    Adam A7V Measurement Report | Released

    Hi All, Just found that Adam Audio has finally released their A-Series Monitor Measurement Reports. I'm specifically looking at the A7V's. Some people have mixed reviews on these; while others love them. As I'm not an engineer, some of these graphs are quite foreign to me. I make house and...
  4. M

    Focal alpha 80 or Adam A5x

    Hey guys this is my first post so im not sure how this works but thanks in advance for your help :) So i bought the A5x’s yesterday but i got an offer to buy a pair of the focals for 600€. Generally the A5x would cost the same but since i live in Norway and i ordered them from Finland the tax...
  5. Nuyes

    6.5 inch driver from Adam A7x

    I measured 6.5 inch driver from Adam audio A7x. I made a stand for Klippel LSI measurements using an aluminum profile, and each speaker driver is very firmly fixed with three to four quick grips (by Irwin tools) in some cases. Here's the data. Electrical Parameters Re...
  6. jhenderson0107

    SOLD - Adam Audio Sub 8 (NIB)

    New-in-box Adam Audio Sub8 subwoofer - $500 shipped to CONUS. Tech specs here. Recently received directly from Adam Audio USA. No longer required as I have transitioned to Genelec for my studio.
  7. Raitsa

    ADAM Audio A series 2022

    New version coming April 2022:
  8. C

    Introduction—and thanks for pointing me to Adam Audio (with questions)

    Hello! New member here, although I’ve been lurking long enough to have gained some valuable knowledge. One thing I learned about is the Adam Audio T5V. I was curious, so I bought a pair from my local Guitar Center, and I must say, I am VERY impressed. To me, one of their biggest virtues is that...
  9. P

    Kali IN-5 vs. Adam A3X

    Hey guys, I posted in these forums a few weeks ago looking for advice about a DAC for my computer. With the help of @Jimbob54 and other users here, I managed to find the best solution for me (iFi Zen DAC) and I'm very happy with my purchase. I would like your help again in choosing a pair of...
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