active crossover

  1. P

    Active Crossover - I can't do this anymore.

    It has served me well, but I've grown tired of my current crossover. Today, I noticed that I hadn't listened to music in weeks, and when that happens I usually suspect something amiss in my rig that is keeping me away from sour. I noticed two woofers on the left channel were not really...
  2. M

    Sending audio from one computer to another via spdif does not seem to work.

    I have an audio setup for active speakers using a headless Raspberry PI 400 running brutefir (FIR filtering), with an Asus Xonar U7 USB DAC providing multiple audio streams to drive three stereo amps and in turn two tweeters, two mid woofers and a sub. The audio feed to this setup comes from a...
  3. B

    Audyssey Multieq-X: Real bi-amping with active crossover

    Denon AVRs have an option for bi-amping the main speakers. My understanding is this is the typical “passive bi-amping” where the same signal is sent to both, as there is no crossover functionality implemented by default. However: * Denon AVR already have active speaker/subwoofer crossovers. *...
  4. Eleo

    Advice for active triamping

    Hi There! I'm planning to actively triamp my speakers. My current setup is as follows: pc (with Rew, RePhase and Eq Apo > Topping D50s > ZeroZone Irs 2092 monoblocks > Wharfedale Linton Heritage
  5. manisandher

    Setting up an active crossover using Roon

    Recently, quite a few people have asked me how I've gone about setting up active crossovers just using Roon alone. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss the process. I'm just going to dump a number of screenshots, which are hopefully fairly self-explanatory (if you know Roon, at least). We can...
  6. M

    Semi-active bi-amping

    Hi, I have an integrated amp and a power amp - the amp stages are identical. I have the opportunity to use them for bi-amping (speaker manual mentions it specifically, though nothing about active and/or passive bi-amping). Having an integrated amp mean that I cannot fully active bi-amp, but...
  7. DWPress

    Guide: Computer Active XO, 2ch+ and EQ/DSP (Mac & PC systemwide)

    FINAL EDIT 5/12/23: For the moment Kushview Element, the app used in this guide is no longer stable for macOS11+ or perhaps it's just the Apple silicon based Macs affected. I rely on the Hang Loose Convolver app now to do channel routing in a similar way but everything after part 2 below is...
  8. R

    Just for fun: hypotetic ideal stereo digital audio streaming?

    Disclaimer: I'm a newbie and not an expert in electronics at all, I just read a lot here and I'm a curious guy... so please, don't blast me if I write silly things :) The game is to imagine an ideal-yet-minimal configuration (in electronics terms) for streaming digital stereo. On the basis of...
  9. O

    DAW vs Equalizer APO for Active Crossover

    I'm currently using a 2x4 miniDSP. I'd like to upgrade to something with 5 or more channels to allow me to go full active (2-way bookshelfs + sub). I'm considering just re-purposing an unused laptop with USB multi-channel DAC for this purpose, this would allow me to select or upgrade the DAC...
  10. J

    Focal Shape 40 or Shape 50 any interest?

    Anyone interested in the measurements of affordable Focal monitors, Shape 40 and Shape 50? I think they are a very good basis for a great system. Amplifiers are AB Class, DSP-free Active Crossover. Hi Pass Filter 45/60/90hz 12db/oct. I have measurements of Shape 65 and they are very good.
  11. Olli

    Bi-amping and Audiolense/REQ

    I am currently using Audiolense as a REQ software for integrating subs with mains. I am using Roon‘s convolution engine for applying the generated filters. I have booksheld 3 way speakers TAD CE-1 with bi-wiring terminals. Question: Can I use 2 different amps (eg a Nagra Classic Amp for mid...
  12. DWPress

    New Linux based active XO with GUI

    Just thought I'd link to this thread over at diyAudio of this guy who has, in the last couple months developed a FREE Linux based active crossover with DSP. This is nothing new in Linux but this is the first instance of it having a user friendly GUI on the front end that I'm aware of and it's...
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