1. Y

    Room eigenmodes calculator

    Hi all! I want to share this application to calculate and evaluate the natural frequencies of rooms modeled in 3D. At the moment, the application does not consider materials, only rigid surfaces, but it is a very useful tool to evaluate the eigenmodes in irregular rooms. It is recommended to...
  2. J

    Reflection point for ceiling, Where to place?

    Hello, I was wondering where would I place the panel on the celling, it is a slanted celling which goes (Short to High). How would I calculate the first reflection point, my guess would be between the centre of the listening position and the speakers. Also would the panel be Vertical or...
  3. U

    Having trouble interpreting frequency graph

    Hello, I am new when it comes the room acoustics, I have been mixing in headphones most of the time, and now I would like to start mixing on speakers , I have set up my speakers and my best listening position in my room, it is a small room with a slanted roof. I have ran some test on REW with L...
  4. xaviescacs

    Vertical ceiling foam panels in a school canteen (cafeteria?). How they work?

    Hi folks, I have a question about acoustics for you. Yesterday I attended a meeting with other kid's parents in a school canteen (cafeteria in USA? ). I took a picture of the ceiling: I'm assuming they have an acoustic purpose from now on. It seems a low density foam of about 4 cm thick...
  5. ripmixburn

    PET absorbers for low frequency?

    I'm in contact with a company who produces panels made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate, not domesticated animals). They send me their performance data for a 15mm (0.59 inch) thick panel… Does the low frequency absorption seem unusually high to you too or am I misreading it?
  6. M

    My first attempt at REW measurement. Am I doing this correctly?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to set up Neumann KH80 for mixing practice and as you can see, my room is super tiny. The dimensions are 280cm x 250 x 240 (L x W x H) and that would be 9.18ft x 8.2 x 7.8 for my American friends. I used Behringer ECM8000 and played sine sweep playing through both...
  7. M

    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to mix my songs in my tiny bedroom. Is mixing with monitor speakers a viable option in this room? Sorry for the bad drawing, but here are the approximate measurements of my room: L: 280cm (110") W: 250cm (98.4") H: 240cm (94"). I typed the measurements into Bob Gold's...
  8. M

    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    I'm not sure the following is even possible due to how high-frequency sound is perceived in off-axis listening configurations. In any case, here are the 'concept parameters': hardware/audio optical or coax digital input single speaker configuration available (maybe something like a sonos play...
  9. Olius

    Genelec 8351B previsualization

    Hi all! I'm so glad I found this site. It combines two of my favourite things: audio and science. When I was shopping for my first studio monitors four years ago, I didn't know much about the subject except that I had read they were supposed to be accurate and have a flat frequency response. I...
  10. D

    Website about acoustics and hi-fi

    Hello to all, Passionate about music and acoustician, I manage a website about acoustics and hi-fi. I think that it will be able to please some people, especially the "blog" section. Here is the link : Looking forward to discuss with you :) Musically
  11. MetalDaze

    First REW in room Measurements. How do they look?

    As the title states this is my first foray into taking actual room measurements. I'm a firm believer in room acoustics, speaker and listener positioning, distances from walls and speaker boundary interfaces. I'm using a UMIK-1 ver2 on a boom stand. USB into my HP Envy Tower --> USB RME ADI-2...
  12. VictorSF

    Don’t stand so close to me

    Any recommendations for speakers that play nice close to the wall?
  13. pozz

    Lecture Library

    Roughly sorted according to theme, and chosen because I think they're worth listening to. The difficulty ranges from introductory to real heavy. Part of the way I dive into a topic is to find lectures by knowledgeable people and then build archives. So maybe others will find this useful as...
  14. M

    Discrepancy in my dB SPL calculations

    I posted on a couple of other forums. i haven't had much luck. I realize this post is very specific & complex. But i can't figure out on my own what my mistake is. Hoping someone here will be able to help me out. Using this post as a reference, I tried an experiment. I connected a Extech...
  15. oivavoi

    Omnidirectional speakers

    I'm intrigued by this kind of speakers. I know that there are reasons why I "shouldn't" like them, but nevertheless: Listening to the MBL 101s in a large room rank among my all-time best hifi experiences. (even though I think they have their weaknesses as well) I would like to open a thread on...
  16. amirm

    Acoustical Large/Small Rooms: A Matter of Statistics

    In acoustics there is an important topic called "Large or Small" rooms. A large room is defined as one where all the reflections are sufficiently random that there are no room modes/resonances in low frequencies. Large performance and concert halls fall in that category. All home listening...
  17. amirm

    Video For Audiophiles

    Video for Audiophiles By, Amir Majidimehr This is a presentation I made to the Pacific Northwest Audiophile Society. As the name implies, they are heavily into audio. So I thought it would be good to present video in the context of what audiophiles would want to learn. The presentation is...
  18. amirm

    Validity of X-curve For Cinema Sound

    Validity Of X-curve For Cinema Sound In my article in Widescreen Review Magazine published recently titled “There Is No “There” in Audio,” I made a brief reference to X-curve used for calibration of Cinema Sound and mentioned that there is no good reason to follow it for home theater...
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