5.25 bay

  1. ThatM1key

    Asus OC Panel Small Review

    I recently bought a used "Asus OC Panel" for my Asus Z270f motherboard which uses my i7 6700. It sounds stupid putting a non-K CPU into something like that but it has the features I was looking for but I digress. I won't be going over every feature, just saying. The Asus OC Panel is a hand held...
  2. ThatM1key

    Useful PC Expansion Cards and 5.25 Drive Bay Accessories

    As I gotten a computer job, I've gotten sick of seeing large-case computers with junky RGB fans and expansion cards that should be USB instead like WIFI and DAC's. In this sort of guide, we'll go over actually useful expansion cards that won't waste your precious slots and yes even 5.25 bays...
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