2.1 system

  1. T

    Networked stereo receiver with HDMI, room correction and bass management - does it exist?!

    Hi there. Hoping for some help to upgrade our lounge system. I am seeking the best possible sound (subjective, of course) for music and TV/film in a 2.1 system on a budget of £1k or under. I already have a BK XXLS400 sub so this is for the receiver and speakers. I'm not interested in surround...
  2. K

    I love this forum. A/An Introduction/Setup/Giddy Thank You

    I found this forum when I decided that my fanatical passion for music listening had grown too great to ignore. I'm a hard objectivist by nature. I've never made a purchase in my life without feverishly researching until my eyes stung from my moniter screen, for weeks at a time. That was until I...
  3. MeZoX

    Subwoofer crossover choice for a 2.1 system

    I have a Pair of KRK 8G4 monitors connected to a KRK10S2 Subwoofer , I have crossover options from 60 to 90Hz on the back side of the woofer I am not an audio professional I just use them for listening to music and watching movies , I started testing with my ears and using my mobile app phone...
  4. ad_fletch

    Preamp quandary for 2.1 or 2.2 stereo

    Hello, I've been reading for quite some time all the threads I can find about how to do a decent but affordable 2.1 or (ideally) 2.2 setup for music. Source is a Windows tablet running Foobar2000 + EqualizerAPO through a Meizu Hifi Pro dongle - prefer this to previous setup of Chromecast Audio...
  5. B

    Genelec 8030c + SVS sb1000pro setup

    I intend to switch from an Audiophonics Hypex Ncore NC252MP amp paired with some old speakers to an active system. So after some consideration my preference would be to try out the Genelec 8030c (balanced XLR in). My current gear and which I would like to integrate: Topping E30+L30 (RCA out) as...
  6. M

    Need Help in setting up a 2.1 Desktop System

    Hi folks! So as the title says, i need some help with my first budget 2.1 audiophile system. What i have in mind, based on my budget is these: 1) Dali Spektor 1 speakers (maybe spektor 2, whatever amir will review, but space is big concern) 2) Topping e30 dac from my pc 3) Icepower 125x2 at...
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