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  1. Blumlein 88

    Big tech tracks you while watching streaming TV...of course. I am not very surprised though I didn't know much about how prevalent it was. Maybe the most surprising is Netflix doing detailed tracking even of your devices in use when you...
  2. Blumlein 88

    WARNING: MacOS Catalina and audio devices If you use a Mac be aware the upcoming Catalina update will possibly cause issues for audio software and hardware. The linked article is mostly about pro recording gear. At least a few people here use an...
  3. Blumlein 88

    Can two software players sound different from each other and why?

    This is a thread I'm starting for @maty He can explain how he has determined that the answer to the question of software players sounding different is yes. We'll then discuss that topic. Okay Maty, give us a reply.
  4. Blumlein 88

    What would it mean to use Bayesian statistics in listening tests? I could point to others articles, but this one I happened to see today. I've long thought except at the very beginning of testing some area of knowledge that 5% significance (two sigma) leads to too many...
  5. Blumlein 88

    Is it possible to get 120 db dynamic range from recording to listening room?

    Can you record a performance, play it back in your home, and get 120 db of dynamic range in the playback? Let me start at the beginning, where the recorded performance takes place. I'll ignore electronic soundscape creations where obviously the answer is yes. I'll steal this from Amir's...
  6. Blumlein 88

    "Do digital audio players sound different playing 16/44.1 music?" - Listener Results. He has some results up with some interesting conclusions.
  7. Blumlein 88

    Chernobyl series on HBO

    First two episodes were very good. Not very comforting. The first hours after the accident are hard to believe, but matches other accounts I've read.
  8. Blumlein 88

    Jeff Bezos' space plans Hope you get a discount or some first in line benefit for having Prime. At the very least maybe they'll make some new Amazon series called O'neil cyldiners.
  9. Blumlein 88

    What is the most dangerous music for driving? Lots of good interesting info in this article. I liked the bit about Ride of the Valkyries being the most dangerous music to listen to while driving. I'd rank it highly in that category, but can think of a few that I would...
  10. Blumlein 88

    Negative gravity sound particles
  11. Blumlein 88

    Listen and choose the 8th generation digital copy.

    Each of these zip files will open into three wav files. One is labeled Reference, one is A and one is B. These are 30 second snippets of full songs. The originals were from CD so all 44.1 khz and 16 bit. Either A or B has been thru 8 generations of DA to AD copying. The other is identical...
  12. Blumlein 88

    What kind of convention kills revenue for Las Vegas? A convention of scientists of course. Physicists to be specific.
  13. Blumlein 88

    Kal Rubinson's visit to Harman blind testing facilities Worthwhile read I think. Also his review of the new F228BE is up now.
  14. Blumlein 88

    Cole Porter's piano
  15. Blumlein 88

    Psssst.....looking for a great bargain in a good phono stage? Look no further.

    These aren't state of the art. However for $199 with MC and MM capability and selectable loading. I know someone with one and they work very well. Specs are good enough if they come close you'll need something special to make it worth lots more money.
  16. Blumlein 88

    Record collection with 100,000 records Not your anal audiophile exactly. I've had a friend with a 35,000 record collection. That has convinced me not to ever do such a thing. If you listened for 4 hrs each day, you'd take 20 years to hear it all once.
  17. Blumlein 88

    The SI units get new definitions as planned Will go into effect May of next year.
  18. Blumlein 88

    Meditation improves wine taste in blind taste test Title says it all.
  19. Blumlein 88

    Telepathy shown........well maybe not so fast. I'm sure reading the conditions under which this mother/daughter had telepathy and when they didn't will sound similar to some incredible hearing feats by audiophiles.
  20. Blumlein 88

    Hurray for SpaceX .........again. Launch and landing were completed successfully as well as deploying a satellite in between. California Dreaming.............SpaceX style.
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