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  1. DuxServit

    SugarCube from SweetVinyl to digitize/clean LP sound

    Anyone here have experience with the SugarCube from SweetVinyl: I don’t get why vinyl aficionados would want to...
  2. DuxServit

    300G Blu-Ray discs?

    So I’m looking around for large capacity Blu-Ray discs to burn/archive copies of music files. Largest today seems to be 100G discs. Sony just announced a 128G version. Now I thought Sony was shooting for 300G discs...
  3. DuxServit

    Pink Panther

    @amirm So far I’ve counted three different Pink Panther statuettes in the reviews. Are you collecting them? If so then perhaps folks from different parts of the would could/should send Amir a gift of some pink panthers for his future reviews :cool:
  4. DuxServit

    Sony’s new $7,900 player (DMP-Z1) If someone here has a spare, could you please send to Amir for measurements ;)
  5. DuxServit

    Not going to buy on MassDrop unless measured first

    Folks, So I’ve come to the point of creating my own new “Personal MassDrop Policy”: for measurable devices (e.g. DACs) I am going to delay (or simply decline) purchasing on MassDrop until I see some published measurements— such as from ASR. Do you think this is reasonable?
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