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  1. PurpaSmart

    Using info from simulation software such as LTspice to improve your design

    This is more of question. But Ive heard using info from a square wave can tell many flaws in an amplifier , I so I tried it it out and lo and behold! Here is the input signal Now here is output signal Hmm lets take a closer look... From what I heard this is "Severe Low Frequency Attenuation"...
  2. PurpaSmart

    Hafler DH-220 rebuild

    Well my dad had a bought a hafler dh220 in the mid 80's along with the hafler dh 101 preamp and the kef reference 104/2, however in 2003 it stopped working in the left channel because my dad had left it on for like a few days, well ever since that it had been sitting in a closet , until now...
  3. PurpaSmart

    Vintage gear welcome?

    As the title suggests m, is repairing or modifying vintage audio gear allowed here? Because I would love to post some of my stuff
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