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  1. VMAT4

    Newbie here, looking for input for upgrading my current 2-channel system

    Analysis, Synthesis, then Evaluation. One step at a time is the way to go. Don't even consider what to buy until the problem(s) or lack of problem(s) is/are known and defined. Use REW and the UMIK-1 first. Go from there. Incidently, I need to take my own advice here. It just occurred to me...
  2. VMAT4

    Recommendation for stereo audio signal path.

    If you own all of the above, what do your ears tell you? If not, maybe, you might consider the Topping D10. It has RCA analogue out and both optical and coax out. But, it has only USB in. As a DAC it gets good reviews. Yet, it may be used as an USB to TOSLINK converter. I believe all outputs...
  3. VMAT4

    What are we listening to right now..

    The other side of P.D.Q. Bach
  4. VMAT4

    <$1k integrated amp w/o digital.. suggestions?

    Have you considered the Outlaw RR 2160? It has digital. Which, has been panned in reviews. But it's about $850. Worth it to check out this link?
  5. VMAT4

    What are some records that are great from start-to-finish that everyone should hear, regardless of genre or era?

    I haven't listened to these from start to finish in a long time. But, Quadraphenia and Elvis Costello's Imperial Bedroom are worth the effort and time of a start to finish listen..
  6. VMAT4

    Exciting review coming up tomorrow....

    Good, that's exactly when my cats wake me up to feed them here in Pennsylvania!
  7. VMAT4

    Exciting review coming up tomorrow....

    I'll wager a half dozen KrispyKremes that it is a production Purifi product.
  8. VMAT4

    Purchase Questions/Help- Did I make a Mistake?

    This is nasty. Sell the DX7s to your son or one of his buddies. You'll need a DAC with a USB input? Or, you"ll use a TOSLINK optical or coaxial from your MAC? You'll hook-up the CD player through digital or analogue means? From the TT you'll need a phono amp to the DROP AAA THX 789, right...
  9. VMAT4

    Purchase Questions/Help- Did I make a Mistake?

    From whom did you purchase the DX7s? Will this seller take a return? What are your sources? How good are your ears? You may not be able to purchase an audible difference for the price. By my reckoning, from the Drop AAA THX 789 and a Topping DAC that meets your connectivity needs, the only...
  10. VMAT4

    Exciting review coming up tomorrow....

    You're not reviewing the Kanto Audio TUK?
  11. VMAT4

    Schitt Sol Turntable

    Turntables? Turntables? We don't need no stinkin' Turntables!
  12. VMAT4

    What's your dream system?

    I'm dreaming small. In order to have a dream that can come true. Pre-amp: miniDSP SHD Power amp: March Audio P122 Speakers: NewForm Reasearch Ribbon Tower 30 w/external crossovers A larger Listening Room say 12'H X 16'W X 20'L instead of the cramped 8'H X 11'W X 17'L I have. My sources are...
  13. VMAT4

    Exciting review coming up tomorrow....

    Really, is ASR reviewing speakers already?
  14. VMAT4

    Poll: Do you use a subwoofer? (Explain why/why not)

    No, my speakers, Airmotiv T1's, go low enough for my room. Also, I mode issues in my room somewhere around 30 Hertz.
  15. VMAT4

    Headphone adapter - 6.3mm to 3.5mm short cable adapter (not hard adapter) with 4 conductors

    Have you checked the jack that will receive the 3.5 mm male to make sure it has a left and right ground out? I'll bet it has a common ground. I'll bet the same is true of and 3.5 mm "plug".
  16. VMAT4

    Schiit Bifrost + Asgard 2 - any potential issues?

    From the ADI-2 DAC Manual: While headphones open the sound stage and make everything easier to hear and to locate by spreading the narrow sound field of stereo speakers to the left/right extreme, some people would like to have a listening situation that is more comparable to a standard speaker...
  17. VMAT4

    Schiit Bifrost + Asgard 2 - any potential issues?

    The nature of our hobby, for a few dollars more the optimal solution is available. But, from what I've read of the RME unit this is indeed the case here! Also the ADI-2 offers crossfeed!
  18. VMAT4

    New Amplifier in the House

    What bookshelves will be paired with this amp?
  19. VMAT4

    Power cord blind test

    Darn Amir, you found a measurable difference! Here I was debating, after I heard "A" sound better to me, how long of a cable should I buy? Where should I located my system in my house? If one meter of expensive cable sounds good would two meters sound twice as good? Should I locate my system...
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