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  1. VMAT4

    New Breakthrough in Acoustics (Please Ignore This)

    I ran across this article on the interwebs, Engineers Have Created a Shape That Blocks Sound . A paper on this can be had for $35, here, from the American Physical Society. Sounds like it could be used as a room treatment. We'll have wait, watch, and see what develops from this!
  2. VMAT4

    IDAGIO vs Primephonic, Anyone have experience with either? Opinions please!

    The last time I subscribed to a classical music streaming service, it was Classical Archives. I thought I'd try the two month trial of IDAGIO and signed up moments ago. Primephonic will give one a 14 day free trial. I'll sign up for that after I'm done streaming my currently selected album on...
  3. VMAT4

    Interesting Title on Amazon, from a reputable publisher also, does anyone have an knowledgeable opinion on it?

    Should this book be on the required reading list? Has anyone read it? What educational background does it require to be understood?
  4. VMAT4

    Waiting on a Package from UPS?

    Bad News: Possible UPS Strike ! I just thought I'd mention this as many of us use this method of delivery in this age of cyber shopping.
  5. VMAT4

    Anybody Out There Who Hears a Difference Between 320 kbps MP3 and Red Book CD? What Differences Do You Hear?

    I don't hear much, if any difference between 320 kbps MP3 streams and standard CDs. I consider myself blessed in this respect. I don't think there is an audible difference. And, I don't mind saying so. But, if you hear a difference, what is it?
  6. VMAT4

    Were/Are the Best Movies in Stereo and Mono?

    Anyone else of opinion that the best movies are stereo and mono productions? I'll admit I'm old. But, I can't think of decent hit movie, a "Blockbuster", since The Sting or Once Upon a Time in America .
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