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    ✳ This is it ... the scientific topic we always wanted to discuss ...

    Time Travel
  2. North_Sky

    Forest Fires, Air Quality, Weather Patterns, ...The World ...

    The smell is very present, ashes on the roofs, cars, ... visibility is very very poor, air quality is extremely bad, what else ... ⚕
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    Cool Videos and Toys ...

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    YouTube (music videos), your tubes (audiophiles warm tubes), our tubes (for swimming) ...

    YouTube Music Videos, Music, Tube amps to play music, Homemade Tube videos, Tubas (musical instrument), Tubes tubes tubes all tubes all types tubes tubes tubes tubes tubes tubes... What do you think of YouTube music videos? For listening to music, for test evaluations, for fun of having fun...
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    How to build a simple and easy pizza oven.

    If anyone know other simple easy to build methods, this is it, this is the right place to learn on how to be happy eating the best pizza on the planet...except in Italy of course...with their secret pasta sauce. The court is all ours, time to play ...
  6. North_Sky

    A new quantum paradox throws the foundations of observed reality into question

    ▪ OK ...
  7. North_Sky

    Do we need more Bat movies?

    'The Batman' Sure, why not...that or The Joker.
  8. North_Sky

    Black Panther has died

    • RIP Chad
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    Anyone (((3D))) ?

    ✨ Yes 3D is no more, it's only a niche now. No more 3D TVs on this continent...America, and still some 3D Blu-ray releases for the ones with 3D projectors. Some 4K Blu-ray players still...
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    750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys

    Ray, this one's for you ... •
  11. North_Sky

    DarbeeVision for 4K UHD/HDR content?

  12. North_Sky

    High Fidelity (Haute Fidélité in French) Audio

    What is it and what does it need to survive? Is it the opposite of Infidelity? For a mechanical loudspeaker system to reproduce music recordings in their original state, what's the order du jours? Can you trust your audio partner (rig) with full confidence? How should it be constructed...what...
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    Smart phone for less, a lot less ...

    • Think about it; we pay over $1,000 just to have a portable phone that are everywhere in the world! With that kind of money you can feed a family of seven for a...
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    Stairway to Heaven ...

  15. North_Sky

    This guy is in the wrong business / Audiophile Reviewing Industry ...

    He needs a new job, adapt with the new normal, get out there and work his ass off, instead of doing nothing with his life ... a parasite. ▪
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    HEALTH / Cannabis Components To Be Used In Potential COVID-19 Vaccine ...?

    • From couple months ago ... • Me what I think? Back sometime around February I think, I've read somewhere from couple sources that...
  17. North_Sky

    GoPro: Camera backpack for insects / Engineering / Technology

    • A GoPro for beetles: Researchers create a robotic camera backpack for insects More (other insects and cameras) ... •
  18. North_Sky

    Is there such a thing in Audio ... Accurate Music Reproduction?

    Can you get it with a laptop and a stick? Or do you need the wall of sound? * Extra:
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