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  1. Jinjuku

    Review of the Audiophile TP-Link SG108e Managed Switch

    I created a video on why a carefully selected $29.99 8 port switch is more audiophile than switches costing hundreds if not thousands of $$'s. *Initially uploaded to YT but they are taking everything and making it standard definition and therefore UNWATCHABLE. Seriously, if you are going to...
  2. Jinjuku

    Utah Federal Court rules that Drug Dogs need to be Double Blind trained to prevent BIAS

    Currently the Court ruled that ALL Drug Dogs in UTAH are unreliable.
  3. Jinjuku

    I just spit up my tea laughing at this...

    Holy crap...
  4. Jinjuku

    I wonder: Are Subjectivist or Objectivist more suggestable to Hypnosis?

    That would be a PhD candidate dissertation...
  5. Jinjuku

    The "Everything matters! Except when it doesn't" thread

    I wanted to start a thread about Subjective Hypocrisy when it comes to 'Everything Matters, Except when inconvenient'. This stems from Darque Knights photo graphic 'evidence' where you only have to be in the general vicinity of a video frame with your remote control to take comparative photos.
  6. Jinjuku

    Chord cable oil I wonder if a sample can be obtained for A/B measurements.
  7. Jinjuku

    Amir, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't:

    Miska is complaining that you are testing cheap Chinese made/origin DAC's: "A bit too focused on cheap Chinese gear and focusing too much on SINAD figures. I rarely bother to take a look there anymore. Not really interested in gazillionth measurements of some strange brand ESS Sabre based DAC."
  8. Jinjuku

    New Schiit: Custom USB Silicon Not content to fuck up industry solutions like XMOS and CMedia. They've decided they know better and are shoveling their own sand. ** rolling their own code
  9. Jinjuku


  10. Jinjuku

    So, ah, Amir... You going to test the upcoming Uptone Audiophile Data Switch? Our switch will have one special "output" port (to go to the streamer/DAC), and that port will have a lot of expensive isolator...
  11. Jinjuku

    SOTM sCLK ex multiple clock board hackery

    How does taking carefully placed clocks, optimized traces, proper isolation, and adding this piece of 'engineering' with long zip lines not just make things worse? I wouldn't be surprised to see system instability: We are talking about going from optimized traces measured in inches or...
  12. Jinjuku

    David Salz of WireWorld screws the pooch on Ethernet Cabling

    Oh this is friggin hilarious: He passes WW off as an 'engineering not marketing' outfit and then they release this gem of a video. 1:14, 1:28, 2:10 are the real highlights. WireWorld has no clue what they are talking about.
  13. Jinjuku

    Alex of Uptone hypocrisy unbounded.

    Speak for yourself. My ears are just fine. Can tell the difference between an average clock and a low phase-noise one, a good or great power supply, and different film types in a capacitor--among a few hundred other things that are claimed to be irrelevant or inaudible. But if one has no...
  14. Jinjuku

    I have an expensive, fancy Ethernet cable. What measurements...

    Do you want to see. I have an ADC with my EMU1212M and the the Stealth DC-1 to feed it and also Mic measurement setup.
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