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    Arendal Sound

    Ascend does it for the Sierra Horizon (non-RAAL). However, they to only show the bookshelf version measurements when looking at the center measurements for the CMT-340 & Sierra 1. However, at least Ascend has vertical info so you can guess what it would be flipped (however, the crossover is a...
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    Get your popcorn ready.

    Well, we have already seen differences between the Klippel and Harman Spinoramas, and Harman has stated they recently recalibrated their anechoic measurements. However, that’s not the only case here, Due to the complex soundfield, Amir said that without being able to measure further away from...
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    Get your popcorn ready.

    Did you just periodically check the site or what? As for the score, it is may or may not be a bit lower than it should be, this is due to something in the bass that Amir says may or may not be true to life, due to measurement constraints.
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    NHT C3 measurements by SoundStage/NRC

    I think the M106 will sound a bit better, it is 2x the price though.
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    You want a falling response because that is reproducing it as it was recorded. Flat indoors is not the same as flat outdoors, our brains have adapted to how enclosed spaces alter sounds, thus we can ignore it if it’s not egregious, so if you have a sound be flat indoors, that is not how those...
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    Headphones preference score ranking chart based on Harman target curve

    I have thin metal ones, but they go far enough behind my ear that they poke most ear cups, only a few earcups I have are large enough.
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    ~3dB vs 5dB; still, a negative slope.
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Harman did some testing, and “trained” listeners did prefer less of a boost than the average listener, but they still liked some boost. Our ears have evolved to account for room acoustics, so people don’t sound totally different when in a room and outside (we can hear a difference, but we...
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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    The PIR always is a bit lower in the bass. It is more representative of those people who have their speakers like 5ft off the front wall. The distortion graphs are done in-room, but near-field (Amir did the original tweeter axis, so ignore the treble region): It can be called “flat” down to...
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    Selah Audio RC3R 3-way Speaker Review

    Hey Rick, I'm updating my speaker data files and noticed I didn't have much data on this speaker, so I used the Wayback Machine to find an archived listing for it on your site: For sensitivity, it is over 10dB less...
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    CEA-2010 Subwoofer Testing Master Thread

    Not meaning to sidetrack the purpose of this thread, but for my speaker selector, I use a filter formula on the actual data, so you enter in the text boxes what info to filter. Rather than dealing with people needing to use a sort/filter on their own. Also, Erin currently is sharing the actual...
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    Is it that easy to blow up a subwoofer?

    Just stating the usefulness of a high-pass, as it can indeed damage a sub if you try to blast 10Hz notes into it.
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    Is it that easy to blow up a subwoofer?

    Some Rythmik subs have a switchable high pass, mentioning Edge of Tomorrow for its use case, as they know people blast that opening intro so see how close to an earthquake they can make. Also, as a funny side note, Rythmik now states that Klipsch overstates their sensitivity so there is no issue...
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    What is the right interpretation of input sensitivity for an amp?

    Stereophile gives the dBW per load when doing measurements, at 4ohm it’s a bit less as no amp exactly doubles down as they should, they are close enough though. For instance in their most recent amp measured, it was 23.3dBW into 8ohm and 23dBW into 4ohm.
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    Random musings on The Preference Ratings of speaker reviews

    The PIR is supposed to help this issue. 2 issues though: 1) It is tilted; thus I normalize it to its own slope (I used to do it to the target slope, not anymore). I then do a weighted average with the on-axis (weights per the formula). This is my Tonal Balance tab in my files. 2) It is going to...
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    Crown XLS1002 Pro Amplifier Review

    Looking at the specs for the CDi 2|300, Crown states a bit better THD & SNR but slightly worse IMD & crosstalk.
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    Random musings on The Preference Ratings of speaker reviews

    The only time performance <95Hz is considered is for the LFX, which gets fixed in place for the w/ sub score. NBD uses 1/2 octave bands starting at 100Hz, and I am using 14, one could delete the bottom 3 bands (~ 95Hz-270). Smoothness starts at 100Hz, but one could also delete the lower end...
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    Random musings on The Preference Ratings of speaker reviews

    The one the database is the one with the correct on-axis, which actually reduced the score. Keep in mind that it got a 5 for the score w/sub, which puts it ahead of the Edifier recently measured for instance (at a 4.5). And again, I put in bold text in my post that dipoles weren’t considered...
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    Amazon Music - 24/44.1 material is "Ultra HD"?

    Some people want to pay more for "ultra", regardless if they actually benefit from it. My uncle buys the maxed out storage iPhone every year, I checked and he only uses like 10GB, he just wants to have the best no matter what (mostly to brag). TIDAL used to label 320Kbps AAC as "Low", now it is...
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    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    HSU VTF-2 MK5.
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