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    Tidal has more jazz titles than Qobuz, IMO. Searching in Roon for "James Carter" right now, I see two albums that are only in Tidal, but every other one is in both services.
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    Best Symphonic Recordings

    BIS, Chandos, Sony Classical all have high hit rates for me. The latter has top artists. DG tends to sign the most coveted artists, along with Sony Classical and Decca. Chamber music is usually fine on all these labels, but orchestra recording on DG hasn’t been great since the 1960s and was...
  3. ahofer

    Topping E30 + RPI2 USB sufficient?

    Based on what I’ve read elsewhere I’d say it shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m interested in the limits of non-isolated USB inputs into competent DACs like the E30. The pi4 is pretty cheap, tho, and has a better USB and wireless implementation. And I agree there’s no point to the Allo version...
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    Best closed-back headphones, $200-$300

    Master & Dynamic sponsored an exhibit on Bill Graham at my wife’s museum. Anybody tried them? Are they Beats-like crap?
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    Headphones preference score ranking chart based on Harman target curve

    Yes, I often listen to headphones while writing or coding/exploring in R. I have to wear glasses. The HD650s aren’t bad, but they still press the frame and cause an ache after a while. I would love to hear other suggestions. I haven’t tried IEMs, but perhaps that’s it.
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    Best Symphonic Recordings

    I located a thread on best piano recordings (, but not one on symphonic (I’m of the opinion that good small ensemble recordings are almost too numerous). In another thread, someone introduced me to the Osmo...
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    Best Piano Recordings

    I was going to start a thread on good recordings, but searched this one. For piano, the Sony Classical Recordings from the last few years are excellent. Look for Ivo Pogorelich and Igor Levit, but you can search the label on Roon...
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    DIY: Your Son or Daughter Can Build a Raspberry Pi Audio Streamer for You in Minutes

    I have found that assembling a Raspberry Pi and providing a micro-SD with Volumio, RopieeXL, or MoOde for full-featured streaming requires little or no expertise at all ( I have never connected a "hat", inasmuch as I use USB for streaming to outboard DACs). You don't have to install or...
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

    In addition, we can use bayesian inference. If a *dealer* is making claims about audio, and he has been making claims about Ethernet cables, we can infer that he Is likely to make more claims designed to sell you high margin snake oil. So we should evaluate the interest of the source before...
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    Some Names for Speakers

    Quantum Audiators
  11. ahofer

    Why aren't there more honest and objective reviewers like ASR and Amir?

    That’s true, I have a lot of respect for certified sommeliers (have you read Cork Dork? Great book). But the average quaffing wine drinker can’t do that.
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    PS Audio Stellar M1200: tube + class D amplifier

    Jeez, you make all this fun seem so futile.
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    KEF's New Tech is Real

    Case in point, this ridiculous excess is the most durable thread on the Audiogon forum for the last couple of years:
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

    When I was auditioning speakers a couple of years ago, the salesman kept insisting there were differences in Ethernet cables he was swapping, and got very aggravated when I would answer flatly that I couldn’t hear a difference. Then he swapped amplifiers, and I noticed a difference, but he was...
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    This audio cable business is getting out of hand...

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    I'm using the app with windows 10 right now, streaming at the source resolution - 24/96
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    Edifier R1280T Powered Speaker Review

    I was thinking of ordering these for my home work setup. I could send them to you first...or have you tested them?
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    I'm still on a Roon trial license, but I have to say, it really does enrich the experience. The endpoints are stable compared to UPnP, and the integration of Qobuz and Tidal with my own library (federated search!) is incredible. I'm running it on an old laptop.
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    I’ve found Qobuz had a much better classical library when I switched from Spotify two years ago. I’ve used it through Roon and BubbleUPnP without any issues like yours. I use the iPhone app occasionally - no problem. I almost never use the web app.
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