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    Monitor Audio Gold 100 (2019 revision) measurements by SoundStage/NRC M.A.’s speaker measurements are all over the board, some are good and some are not, I don’t even know how they vary so much unless there...
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    Stereophile has started calculating EPDR. And he is going back to previous reviews and adding this in. EPDR (Equivalent Peak Dissipation Resistance) takes the impedance and phase data and computes a new impedance that shows what equivalent...
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    A high end DAC that actually isn't garbage.

    Stereophile recently reviewed the "Weiss Engineering DAC502" DAC & headphone amp, I went straight to the price tag and saw $9850 and eagerly went to the measurements to see what a shit show it would be, but it actually is pretty good, not Mola Mola good, but good. Here is a comparison with the...
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    Speaker Sensitivity: Advertised vs Measured

    Speaker sensitivity is an important aspect that can sway potential buyers towards or away from a specific model or brand. Thus, it gives an incentive for manufacturers to fudge their numbers; this fudging can be accomplished via the frequency range, weighting, in-room estimates, etc. I decided...
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    Mark Cerny (PS5’s Lead Architect) covering HRTF & 3D Audio

    It’s covering the whole system, but this section (40min mark) shows how serious Sony is taking audio in games. I’m surprised this is currently #1 on trending on YouTube, as it’s not like Apple doing a Keynote for a new product, it’s simply Mark talking about how they created the PS5. The...
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    NHT C3 measurements by SoundStage/NRC It’s the new carbon fiber edition (ugly IMO), but it’s just the finish so the performance should be identical. MSRP of the original is...
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    Gene from Audioholics has contracted the Coronavirus

    In the Community tab He lives in the same city as me, very sad/scary. EDIT:
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    Measurement to show difficult load handling (high phase)?

    A high phase angle (45°) results in an amplifier becoming less efficient, dissipating more heat, so it needs to draw more power to make up for that loss in wattage. If a speaker is low impedance and high phase, it really taxes the amp and many amps will not be able to draw enough power to...
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    Question about sampling/PCM/Nyquist

    Got into a discussion on another forum. Trying to see if a user‘s claims have any theoretical merit. So, Nyquist states that if you sample >2x the frequency range you want, it can reproduce that range perfectly (with quantization noise). However, what if there was a super short transient (say...
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    Master Preference Ratings for Loudspeakers

    Google Sheets Based Publication Each name in the List tab hyperlinks to "interactive" charts (Spinorama, horizontal/vertical directivity as well as normalized directivity, and a radar chart of the components that compose the score). Using Google Sheets' publication features allows this list to...
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    Speaker Equivalent SINAD Discussion

    I thought I'd create a thread where suggestions/comments can be made on if Amir were to rank speakers based on measurements, how would he do so. As of right now, since Amir wants his rating to be based on listening tests and not just opinions, Sean Olive's Predicted Preference rating is likely...
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    Loudspeaker/Driver wattage handling with <8ohm.

    When a company says that their 4 or 6 ohm loudspeaker or driver handles say 100W, is that 100W at the nominal impedance, or 8ohm? To further illustrate, if Seas sells a tweeter that’s 4ohm and handles 50W, is that 50W into 4ohm (only 25W into 8ohm) or is that 50W into 8ohm (100W into 4ohm)...
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    Schiit Ragnarok 2’s AP Report

    Link For $1500, only 100W into 4Ω is a bit disappointing; however, >20W into 32Ω headphones is just batshit (THX 789 is “only” 6W), though I’m gonna bet the output impedance is stupid high as it’s gotta be using the speaker amp.
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    Tidal applying DSP?

    Just came across this Reddit post, seems interesting:
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    Good/Nice looking cables that don’t break the bank?

    Just wondering what’s out there to boost asthetics. Speaker wire: I use GearIT’s 14awg braided speaker cables in white, think they were ~$30/pair for 15ft, and I’d say they are pretty good. HannLinte is also on Amazon and they look to have some good looking speaker cables. SVS’s SoundPath also...
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