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  1. ahofer

    Best Symphonic Recordings

    I located a thread on best piano recordings (, but not one on symphonic (I’m of the opinion that good small ensemble recordings are almost too numerous). In another thread, someone introduced me to the Osmo...
  2. ahofer

    “The Swarm” by Audio Kinesis I’ve seen a few intra-thread mentions of this, but any longer-form reactions to this product? Does it offer any advantages/disadvantage over four separate subs? Can you go with smaller drive units? (E.g. Rhythmik).
  3. ahofer

    Audiogon on ASR

    Oh my. Geoff Kait his usual ridiculous self in the comments.
  4. ahofer

    Ten most important rules!

    #1 isn’t bad, but it is all downhill from there.
  5. ahofer

    Twitter thread on vinyl by Charles Murray

    Go ahead and muck in! Lots of bad assertions. About CDs, hi-res, etc.
  6. ahofer

    Any experience with Ropiee and/or RopieeXL?

    Bought a raspberry pi to fiddle with and I’m thinking about using XL. I like the Roon/DLNA/airplay functionality. If it auto-switches it might be useful as an idiot-proof streamer (for my house guests). Selecting inputs/cast points is the big issue with hifi-phobes. (“Can I just play a song?”)...
  7. ahofer

    How can bogus claims and inferior audio thrive in a competitive market?

    I keep running into the same addlepated thought, here and in other forums. It goes something like this: Even here at ASR, I've seen a few (just a few) posters go down the tubes trying to defend the idea. On Audiogon it's practically gospel from some of the most prolific posters. So let me...
  8. ahofer

    Expert Management and Lifemanship

    Forums discussions in general, and particularly the objectivist-subjectivist conflict, often remind me of Stephen Potter, particularly the short excerpt here. Make sure you read about “plonking”.
  9. ahofer

    Crowdsourcing a blind test prize or bet

    This topic came up originally in the very long PS audio thread, around the release of the new Windom firmware for their $6000 DAC, which measures just as badly as the previous firmware, despite the claims of “night and day differences” from Paul McGowan and Ted Smith. I propose as a draft idea...
  10. ahofer

    Room challenge and DSP

    So here is my system in my weekend place. The two attached photos show the system and living area, and then turn back and show where I was taking the photo (standing on the window seat). As you can see, nothing but reflective surfaces, including an angled, high, hardwood ceiling. And very few...
  11. ahofer

    New Fuses! Guaranteed to “totally transform” your listening experience.

    ...but be too subtle to distinguish in a blind test. But my wife heard it from the kitchen. Naturally, a fight breaks out in the thread. I swear, Audiogon gets crazier by the day, with Kait and Teo as the...
  12. ahofer

    Streaming metadata - good recordings

    I wish Qobuz or Tidal had a way for users to mark particular recordings as being of high quality, so you could follow listeners you know and look for recordings they had earmarked. Or I'd settle for BubbleUPnP, or another control point to mark streams as high quality and share the same way. I...
  13. ahofer

    Catalogue of blind tests

    I thought this thread on Head-Fi was a valiant effort to put together blind tests that have been performed over the years. Given that there have been many more (I'm thinking Archimago's tests, among others), it would be fun to open source a complete list...
  14. ahofer

    Streamer functionality - dedicated touchscreen?

    I tend to use Chromecast and a full-functioned streamer (Cambridge Audio), with a remote server running Minimserver and BubbleUPnP running on a tablet. This has generally been fine for me, but I find my family and friends have trouble using it. Have any of you used another renderer or...
  15. ahofer

    Best Class D or cool-running amplifier to try?

    My amp is a 1990s Adcom 5802, and it drives Harbeth SHL5+ (AE) speakers. I love the sound as it is now, however, I am a little worried about age-related problems in the amp damaging my speakers, and I would like to a) get something that runs much cooler, as I now live in a Manhattan...
  16. ahofer


    See here: I'm imagining a graph with "musicality" on the vertical axis, in "$_%" units, with tweak value/$ on the x-axis. At least I think that's what he's suggesting. Elsewhere on Audiogon today...
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