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  1. raistlin65

    HiFi: How Do We Listen?

    I thought this was an interesting piece that encourages the reader to think about listening. Particularly the joy of listening to music versus the joy of listening to gear. And how/whether/when the gear matters to the joy of listening to music...
  2. raistlin65

    "My Favorite Credible Audio Review Sites"

    This article popped up in the news items that Google displays in Chrome on my phone. I thought, why not? Maybe there'll be some sites I haven't seen before. There was a lot questionable in the introduction as I skimmed...
  3. raistlin65

    Your favorite opera from this list?

    Looking for some recommendations of your favorites from the #1 Opera Album My 78-year-old mother is losing her ability to use technology. So I have set her up a folder full of a few hundred songs on her laptop that streams to...
  4. raistlin65

    JDS Labs Atom good pre-amp for ICE125ASX2?

    I read some advice online that the IcePower ICE125ASX2 might be particular about the type of input it gets. Can someone a lot smarter about the electrical engineering than I tell me if my JDS Labs Atom would work well as a preamp for an ICE125ASX2 amp? I'm considering getting this one from...
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