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  1. fredoamigo

    New 2020 rolling stone ranking of the 500 greatest albums of all time

    There is nothing scientific in the selection mode and how would they do it? Jury members include Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, members of U2, Rufus...
  2. fredoamigo

    New 2020 rolling stone ranking of the 500 greatest albums of all time

    I think that 500 is the right number . of course there are albums that we love and that are not in this list . how can we be objective . these are only the most outstanding albums in the history of "modern" music . the discussion often focuses on the ranking of the top 50 .
  3. fredoamigo

    New 2020 rolling stone ranking of the 500 greatest albums of all time It is one of the most discussed and sometimes questionable rankings ... There are newcomers and others who disappear especially in the first 50 ... as long as my all-time favorite...
  4. fredoamigo

    Some Names for Speakers

  5. fredoamigo

    Hi from France

    salut Korantin for most of us here, we haven't had the chance at 21 years old to have such a forum with science, knowledge of members from all continents ... it's priceless ! welcome and enjoy !:)
  6. fredoamigo

    Buchardt A500 Measurements and Spinorama

    it seems to me that I read somewhere that they should soon find themselves on the klippel of amir ?? did mad Buchardt send an A500 copy to seattle ?
  7. fredoamigo

    New JBL 4349 Speakers

    black has a less vintage look ....... I prefer except for the dust
  8. fredoamigo

    Revel F328be

    yes it's possible, but let's wait to have much more data (objective and subjective)...for the moment nothing allows us to assert it as we can do it for example for the D&D 8C.
  9. fredoamigo

    Nice Review of the Revel 328Be Speaker (Not mine)

    You have very good taste in speakers and also in cars from what I can see behind them :cool:
  10. fredoamigo

    Parasound JC2 Preamplifier Review

    here's an interesting interview on John Curl's "pholosophy". JC(1999) Parasound Interview
  11. fredoamigo

    Was this aimed at ASR?

    it was McDonald's and KFC who demonstrated ??;)
  12. fredoamigo

    Was this aimed at ASR?

    Yes, metaphors between audio, food and cars are very common. Here's the stereophile article quotes one. But it doesn't hold up.;)
  13. fredoamigo

    Was this aimed at ASR?

    in the article the analogy about chicken and the different ways of cooking it is not very relevant. Of course, there are different ways to roast a chicken or cook it, as we all know that each speaker will sound different. But in the kitchen the most important thing is the quality of the...
  14. fredoamigo

    Kef R3 an Upgrade from Revel F36?

    the hp preference table is based on the S Olive methodology with, if I remember correctly? a reliability rate of 86%. which is already exceptional. But there is still 14% uncertainty and I think that the R3s can be in the 14% range ? Today it is easy to eliminate the bad speakers with a...
  15. fredoamigo

    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    it's too bad it doesn't include the NHT C3 but very interesting.;) NHT C3 Bookshelf Speaker Review -
  16. fredoamigo

    Perceptual Effects of Room Reflections

    I use the diagonal (in the lengthwise direction of the workpiece) placement mode at home, it is with this method that I obtain the best result for ASW .
  17. fredoamigo

    ATC SCM19 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    all this puts the previous results into perspective and especially when I look at Mads Buchardt's comments on the S400 which did not seem to be satisfied with the result ... ... mad look ! Here we have audio icons that are neglected and the S400s become a godsend.;)
  18. fredoamigo

    PMC Twenty.21 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    I completely agree with you, it's also in my opinion intentional. Their design is not an accident this was discussed and decided, these are speakers designed to appeal to the masses, to sell. In a show room a beginner listener without too much experience will prefer them to a neutral speaker. I...
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