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  1. DDF

    Focus on SINAD Gives Vendors Hiding Space

    I brought this up in an earlier thread but wanted to raise up to start a conversation on it. I still wonder what all the focus on SINAD and THD/noise comes to? The measurements are very appreciated and great for filtering out complete junk, but reasonable vendors are now chasing meaninglessly...
  2. DDF

    Adjustable buffers for directsound?

    Audio pops and clicks to usb dacs can be caused by buffer under runs: the source is unable to service the asynchronous dac's request for more audio in time. ASIO drivers exist to adjust the length of the buffer to help avoid this: larger buffers provide more time for the source to service the...
  3. DDF

    The Therapeutic Sounds of Science

    In the pretty cool department: We often talk about using science to improve the quality of experience, and it seems marine biologists are taking this to a whole new level...
  4. DDF

    ESI U24XL or NUC with SPDIF Input as MiniDSP SHD Alternative

    After a great deal of research, it seem's that there's a scarcity of user friendly options for a system that can handle different inputs (analog phono pre, coax, chromecast optical, USB HD, NAS, streaming) and run it through a single ultra high quality audio infrastructure for basic room EQ. It...
  5. DDF

    Measurements of (original) Gilmore Lite

    The Gilmore Lite is a classic headphone Amp designed by Kevin Gilmore. This unit was purchased in 2007, with gain set at the lowest value Headamp would deliver (6 dB) without stability risks, to provide more usable volume range (the pot tends to mistrack at the very lowest volumes). Its served...
  6. DDF

    Nuprime IDA-8 DAC measurements

    Courtesy of a kind loan from a local DIYer, I had some bench time with an RTX6001. I used it to measure a Nuprime IDA-8 DAC and pre-amp section since no test results exist on line for this product and its received some glowing reviews from the audio press...
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