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    Is COVID strategy moving towards herd-immunity?!

    If we look at the data, the pandemic has run its course in Sweden (and in most of the rest of Europe). It is the same in hard hit pre shutdown states in the U.S. It is running its course in the western U.S. states that have gone through their curves this Summer. Overly protective policies and...
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    NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Review

    And this is what I am talking about -- the notion that in in 2020 a heavy box with a lot a capacitors should mean something when we have better technology that just needs to be refined, but hasn't been for the consumer market due to lack of understanding and demand.
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    NAD M10 Streaming Amplifier Review

    I really like what they are doing here. This is the kind of device that would be more ubiquitous (and much cheaper and better because of it) if there were more young (in this context this probably means under 50) 2 channel enthusiasts plugged in to modern technology and streaming services. It...
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    Is there a plan to measure the THX AAA ONE?

    The switch to preamp , which is lacking on the Atom is a creature comfort for desktop users. Otherwise I agree.
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    Affordable Accuracy Monitor Review

    I would be curious about how my updated version of the "Affordable Accuracy" measure. These were based on a widely available Dayton kit from Parts Express. I had an email exchange with Dennis a few months ago, where he informed me that he is no longer making speakers, and that he offered the...
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    Anyone seen these "Aimpire" Topping Copies/Fakes?

    The different manufacturers probably use the same factories. Someone probably decided to make a slightly cheaper version secretly during overtime hours using mostly the same parts. You hear about this with different Chinese clone versions of Japanese and Western branded products that are...
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    Kali Audio IN-8 Studio Monitor Review

    This website will always have a "pretty tarnished rep" among people who don't like to have their feelings tarnished by reality.
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    How Important is Sheer Amplifier Power?

    I am a novice when it comes to technical audio questions. This is not my field of study. I am just a fan/enthusiast. Most of the following commentary is also completely subjective. With that disclaimer I want to ask the following question. Is there something about brute force amplifier power...
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    WolfX700 Measurement of Benchmark AHB2 Power AMP

    When I hit it big, the first thing I am going to do is buy 2 of these as my stereo "monoblocks".
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    Outlaw Model 5000 Multichannel Amplifier Review

    Ok, works for me. I was wondering about the excellent pricing. Monoprice offers a more powerful (according to them) 5 channel amp that I think is made by ATI for about twice the cost. ATI in their latest offerings seems to have moved toward Hypex modules (something I secretly hope the Chinese...
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    Outlaw Model 5000 Multichannel Amplifier Review

    Looks really solid. Do you guys know if this one is actually from ATI?
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    Topping D10 vs Loxjie D10

    Hard to go wrong with the Topping D10. The SPDIF outputs are a unique and useful feature to have on hand. The DAC itself is excellent and represents a baseline for transparent DACs that probably makes upgrading to anything more expensive unnecessary for the standard use case (DAC & headphone...
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    Topping A30/D30 stack questions

    The sys would be ideal as the next item in the chain after the A30. He would not want to replace the A30 since he wants to use it as a headphone amp.
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    Topping D10 vs D70 music presentation

    The d70 has akm filter settings right? I am not sure whether these make a big difference but it is worth mentioning.
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    ATI AT522NC Stereo Amplifier Review

    Actually it is pretty clear he is just trying to drum of a fight. There wasn't a lot of organic reasoning behind the sudden questions about Amir's integrity or strange anger over Harman's lack of an in house speaker driver factory.
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    JDS Labs EL DAC II Review

    I think you will get aesthetic benefits from the EL amp vs. the Atom. You are unlikely to get any audio benefits.
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    JDS Labs EL DAC II Review

    This looks fine to me. I am interested to see how the "main event" (the amp) performs.
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    FS: Massdrop THX 789

    I said "as much or lower". The Massdrop has an almost exact competitor that is currently and (maybe) regularly available. You are also getting the item in question from a well known, reputable source.
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    FS: Massdrop THX 789

    Here is a better idea: I think the price needs to be as much or lower.
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    So my DAC and AMP are on the way and now I learn it will make no difference over my Smartphone

    You made good choices. On some headphones you will hear a difference and lack volume and on others you won't. Think of it as future proofing for future headphone buys.
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