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    Denon AVR-X8500H AVR Review

    Do they provide bench test measurements of before/after Results? That would be interesting If they did.
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    Crown XLS1002 Pro Amplifier Review

    3 ways Amir gets gear.. 1-Members send it in (I am guessing this is by far the most common) 2-Manufacturer sends it in 3-Amir buys it and measures it The best way for Amir to measure particular gear, is to send it in for review. You pay to ship to him, he pays to ship it back to you. Of course...
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    Denon AVR-X8500H AVR Review

    In case any current or future Denon X8500 owners read this, do not use the full preamp mode. When Amir initially tested it, it showed clipping at .6v in preamp mode with a sinad of 77 in that mode. He then tested it using the custom amp assign mode, setting amp to "none" and got the SINAD of...
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    "Home Theater" Speakers

    In a home theater, LCR placement is full of compromises.. really no free lunch. I have a 122” wide 2:35 aspect ratio screen (not acoustically transparent). Room is a bit over 14 feet wide with 2 rows of seating and the second row on a 10 inch platform. -Acoustically transparent screens aren’t...
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    From Marantz AVR to Emotiva AVP

    Here is what Sound United sent Amir. This is there measurement but with the same settings Amir uses. Basically it comes to a SINAD of 100 and the X8500 is 103. This appears to be one of the first Marantz that measure well. It is nice to see and hopefully Amir can get some of the new models to...
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    From Marantz AVR to Emotiva AVP

    Have you ever checked the surrounds peak power relative to the front?
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    Got new tv with EARC, need help deciding AVR with some restrictions.

    A couple of thoughts in my opinion... -From Amir’s review, all of the Denon’s don’t seem to have any issues with 4ohm speakers. You might keep an eye on temperature in particular if in a rack. -Internal amp power differrence in any of them is pretty minimal, so if picking one over the other, I...
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    From Marantz AVR to Emotiva AVP

    I only know of one AVR with XLR, the Yamaha Avantage RX-A3060. It would be great to get it bench tested here.
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    Dont like the sound of room correction

    I have used Audyssey and Dirac for a number of year. If you have well behaved speakers, this is where I have ended up-somewhere around 300hz.
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    From Marantz AVR to Emotiva AVP

    In terms of measurements, Denon>Marantz across the board. Best measuring processor is actually an AVR. It also has the feature to individually disconnect each amp so you can use a mix of internal and external amps to get the best performance...
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    From Marantz AVR to Emotiva AVP

    My thoughts for what it is worth.... -RMC1L (Or emotiva in general)-Makes sense if you believe Emotiva to be stable enough and if you would need Dirac in your home theater -As already mentioned, another option would be something like an x3700/4700/6700 or x8500. I went x8500 and am adding a...
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    WD TV Live

    All true of course. Infuse is really amazing. I just stumbled on it not long ago and can’t believe how good it is. I only have the Shield to play local lossless atmos/dtsx.
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    WD TV Live

    Two options that may work: 1-AppleTV 4K+ Infuse6 app. I just found this not too long ago. You will need a network however, and the hard drives shared on your network. Infuse6 sees the shares on your network and seems to play every kind of file format out there. It will also automatically...
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    Denon AVR-X8500H AVR Review

    My understanding is it really isn’t a successor but a limited edition of the x8500. The x8500 is going to stay in the line another year or 2 as an x8500HA is my understanding. The only difference is the A will have an 8k input.
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    Onkyo and Pioneer Ink Licensing Agreement with Dirac Research

    This is nice to see. A pioneer receiver with Dirac and class d amps. Could be interesting. Getting another mainstream brand to try and get a well measuring and stable product is great news for consumers. I haven’t considered them an option due to better eq in other brands.
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    Device for Equal Loudness/Fletcher Munson Curve? Do Any Speakers Adapt to This?

    Can this be used with the Minidsp SHD? I seem to recall in the past that it couldn’t be used. It is the 1 feature the SHD is missing in my opinion.
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    Best AV Processor under $3k? Lexicon MC-10, Anthem AVM 60, or something else?

    Be careful.. -As we have seen from one model year to the next, performance does not necessarily get better. Many times it has been shown they can get much worse. For example the AVR390 vs AVR10 -Can’t assume that a processor will out perform an AVR -Can’t trust manufacturer specs on gear that...
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    Choosing between Denon X8500H, X4700H and X3700H AVRs

    In regards to heat.. If it isn't in an enclosed area with lots of free space probably fine. Where I have found issues if it is in any kind of enclosed area then you such consider an aircom type of unit or usb fans.
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    NAD M28 Seven Channel Power Amplifier Review

    I tried contacting them multiple times regarding the T758V3. I did get a response... "We do not comment on 3rd party reviews". It is unfortunate and I wish they would reconsider. Even doing something like Denon where they just communicate directly with Amir would be really nice. They make some...
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    March Audio Amp Updates

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing the updates.
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