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  1. Cahudson42

    Neutralizer EQ - Opinions on Headphone EQ suitability and results..

    I find the concept intriguing..put 'everything inside the loop ' including your ears.. then EQ it. Question is (for me at least) what am I ending up with? A 'personalized Harmon curve' based on my own hearing? An equivalent to 'flat' done otherwise? Or? For those not familiar, after you install...
  2. Cahudson42

    May Occam's Razor Apply? Can we learn as much from a $199 EARS as from a $41,000 HATS?

    Or 90% as much? 50% as much? Nothing similar at all? Or? I look at these things and see two microphones mounted 180-degrees facing outward surrounded by a frame of 'somewhat squooshy stuff' for placing the headphones. Then add maybe $300 - $700 in hardware. A bunch of processing software. With...
  3. Cahudson42

    RS152 Experiences, Comments?

    Not yet measured by ASR, the Infinity RS152 'surround' speakers are on sale at $160/pair. The design has two front facing angled mid-tweeters which appear the same as those in the rest of the Infinity line, and one rear facing 5.25 'woofer' facing rearward apparently in its own sealed box...
  4. Cahudson42

    Just how good is the Dayton DSP-408 compared to miniDSp 2x4 HD?

    Number of channels aside, anyone please comment on performance comparison? (DAC capabilities also aside - don't need 'em) Application is speakers for Home Theater, not HP. Still, how is SINAD? Any hiss? I hate hiss:) Will be used to replace 'crossover's in a pair of Dayton 652AIR, as well as...
  5. Cahudson42

    HE400i - to PEQ or not to PEQ..

    I do all my serious listening - classical and vocal - using Amazon Music HD, a LG V20, Liquid Spark, and HE400i. I am very happy with it. But for one issue.. the HE400i resonant peak at 7-8k. When playing, say a wide dynamic range recording like the Kleiber Beethoven 7th, very occasionally, I...
  6. Cahudson42

    Good Eats is back!

    Since this is a science rules site, I will guess at least a few members enjoyed Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' years ago. Well, it's back! Two new series. 'Good Eats - the Return' and 'Good Eats - Reloaded'. Both are great! You will probably need the FoodTV GO app to watch them. Which requires a...
  7. Cahudson42

    Older Kenwood AVRs- KA-894 and similar. Experience? Opinions?

    Recent threads have covered AX-596 etc Yamaha etc. I've noticed that similar vintage Kenwood's can also be picked up for peanuts. Are any of them any good - mainly just as power Amplifier's? For example, the KA-894 has a pair of 'adapter' jumpers. It seems removing them and using it's 'input'...
  8. Cahudson42

    For you MDs out there - Headphone triggering of BPPV event.. Possible? Likely?

    At 77, I have had a couple BPPV events. (Benign P? Positional Vertigo) . What is the likelihood these could be triggered by moderate SPL headphone listening? Loud SPL listening? Thanks for your opinions!
  9. Cahudson42

    Planar Magnetic Headphones - MM vs. MC?

    Just curious.. We have both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono cartridges. But as far as I know, all planar magnetic phones I've looked at are always 'moving coil' i.e. a powered moving coil film against fixed magnets. Am I correct? Why not a magnetic vapor-deposited film moving against Fixed...
  10. Cahudson42

    Topping D10 continually clicks and disconnects (SOLVED)

    Topping D10 connected to Fire 7 via powered OTG cable, downstream to Monoprice Liquid Spark. OTG cable powered with various Amazon USB ps.. D10 erratically disconnects, clicks, shows 3 dashes, 384.. Wiggle and disconnect cables, resets correctly to 16/44.1. For a few minutes. Cycle repeats...
  11. Cahudson42

    Internal cellphone/tablet DAC vs. external...still very confused..

    Read everything I could find - still confused. Let's go with an example: the 2019 Fire 7" tablet - $30 on sale. Measure the 3.5mm output @ 60hz. 33 ohm load. Anemic. 0.16 v at full volume. Ok. No problem adding something like the NX 3 with my HE 400i. But should I go with a simple amp like the...
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