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    How Important is Sheer Amplifier Power?

    I am a novice when it comes to technical audio questions. This is not my field of study. I am just a fan/enthusiast. Most of the following commentary is also completely subjective. With that disclaimer I want to ask the following question. Is there something about brute force amplifier power...
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    Topping D10 Random Popping/Distortion New Windows 10 Install

    I really like the D10. Previously in this laptop setup it has performed fine (as long as I have a powered usb hub installed). I also have it in another PC setup and it performs flawlessly there with no problems. I reinstalled Windows 10 on the laptop today for another technical reason and all...
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    Multiple Audio Devices at Once - Windows 10

    What is the best way to enable simultaneous playback of 2 or more audio devices at once in Windows 10. I'm guessing this is possible, but the settings are awkward.
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    Integra DTM-40.7: Stereo Swiss Army Knife

    I want to point out a device that I have been very happy with. I was looking for a stereo receiver or integrated amplifier to use in my unique living room gaming/media/music PC setup. I considered AV receivers, but I just wanted to run a stereo setup. I wanted augmented functionality via...
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