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    WTB: Hypex NC252 based amp or NC250 mono amp

    Prefer March audio but consider others.
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    How does room EQ affect noise and distortion?

    We are starting to get a nice sampling of AVRs and Processors. SINAD measurements range from 53-103. All measurements are done in direct mode. The AVRs/Processors will almost always be used with some sort of room EQ engaged. Couple of basic questions: -What affect does running Audyssey or Dirac...
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    Ok, this may seem like an odd comparison. For those that know more about amps, I would appreciate some comments. There could not be 2 more different amps probably, but I think it would be interesting. I currently have a McIntosh MC252 which I like quite a bit. Besides the weight, there isn’t...
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    Alternative SINAD Chart for AVRs and Processors Showing Best Performance Voltage

    In the Denon X4700 review thread a user kept stating the Denon X4700 was trash because it has a SINAD in the 70s at 2v. The X3600 and X4700, because they have the amp disconnect feature are able to show a higher SINAD on the chart because they have this feature. However, other units do not and...
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    **SOLD** Updated: Selling 1 Reve M16 @ $275 shipped Gloss black Purchase A stock from authorized dealer About 2 months old All original packaging/box Fanstastic speakers. See Amir's review.
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    How to measure speaker distortion in REW

    In the M106 review thread the topic of distortion came up. I have both the M106 and M16 speakers and would like to measure their distortion to see if, or when distrotion is an issue at various volume levels. Amir's distortion measurements are at 86 and 96 decibels at 1m. I would like to measure...
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    REW-Moving Microphone Method Help

    Hello. I have used REW some but saw that some people use a moving microphone method to get a quick spacial average. The video I watched made it look quick and easy. I was able to to fumble my way through partially, but the graph doesn’t look like frequency response. Anyone know the steps to get...
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    Revel M106 + Rythmik L12 Setup Question

    Just went from JBL 708Ps to to Revel M106 + Rythmik L12. While it has not been measured yet here at ASR, from Spinorama I have seen elsewhere it measures well. Sub will be between the 2 speakers (not much flexibility in placement). Couple of questions: 1-M106 is ported but does come with port...
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    Marantz / Denon adding Roon Tested

    For those that use Roon, Denon and Marantz are adding roon tested to quite a lot of their products. Roon Tested Devices: Denon AVR AVR-X3600H AVR-X2600H AVR-X1600H AVR-S950H AVR-S750H AVR-S650H AVR-X6400H AVR-X4400H AVR-X3400H AVR-X2400H AVR-X1400H AVR-S930H AVR-S730H AVR-X8500H AVR-X6500H...
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    SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD6xx Headphones $150 (like new)

    ** SOLD ** Purchased from Massdrop about 6 months ago. Used 2-3 times. $150 OBO shipped. Payment via paypal.
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    Minidsp SHD Studio + UMIK1

    **SOLD** Up for sale is my SHD Studio. In great condition and works great. Will post pictures later today. Perfect unit for active speakers. $650 delivered. Link to specs:
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    JBL 705P / 708P

    This past week I picked up 3 305P for our home theater during the 50% off sale. Went back there today, and both the 705P and 708P are both off their site (link). Seems odd that both are off their site and not with a backorder date. Wondering if that means anything... something...
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    Dac recomendation for JBL 308P

    I currently use a Minidsp SHD Studio with a pair of JZBL 708Ps in our living roon but am going to be moving them to our theater instead. I am going to be putting in JBL 308Ps in the living room, but the 308P’s don’t have digital AES inputs like the 708Ps do. Hoping to find a solutions that -Can...
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    Power needed for home theater

    I am trying to figure out how much power I need in my home theater. I have read a few threads here but want ask if I am on the right track... As a starting point I am using this calculator: On that page, it says to enter 3 channels if doing...
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    Interesting Amplifier- Configure you own Hypex Amp (4 Slots)

    I have been shopping for an amp and came across this site which looks interesting. You have up to 4 slots to populate the Amplifier with (up to 8 channels) with the following amplifier modules: NC122MP NC250MP NC252MP NC500MP NC502MP NC100HF It looks...
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    In Search of... 11.2 Channel AVR or Processor

    I sent in my NAD T758 V3 to be measured and let’s just say it didn’t fair too well. While it packs a lot of features such as Dirac and 7 channels of amplification in a relatively lowish price point, both the DAC and amp measurements fall far short of what it should be providing. Having decided...
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    Small amp for passive sub needed 150-250w

    I am needing an amp for a passive sub. I would prefer something small. Would something based on the Icepower ICE125ASX2 work well in bridged mode for this? I have seen something like this on ebay: Link Or other suggestions? Thanks
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    JBL 705/708 Active vs Passive

    Looking to upgrade our living room setup in either a 2.0 or 2.1 setup. Right now I’m leaning towards the JBL 7 series-either the 705 or the 708. I am torn between the simplicity of the active but concerned about the longevity/repairability of the powered version. Anyone else concerned about...
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    Formats: 320k aac vs Lossless (Roon related)

    I am in a bit of a quandary. Our only home broadband option is a DSL 3M speed and I want to use Roon + Tidal. If there is no internet activiting I can stream lossless from the Tidal app (or volumio via shd). However, when I signed up for the Roon trial (which I really like), even with no other...
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