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    Moving on up from HD 58X

    Hello everybody, I wanted to ask more experienced people (maybe someone who walked a similar way) about headphones upgrade. From the title, I currently own a HD 58X, powering them with Aune X7S + Topping D10, equalized by PeaceEQ using a preset. Now, talking aside this setup, generally I love...
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    Buying my first magnetoplanar headphones

    Hello everyone, I decided I'd like to buy my first pair of magnetoplanar headphones. I own HD 58X to this moment. I run Topping D10+Aune X7S. I listened to Dekoni Blue at my friend's place and I loved the sound. I'm looking into Hifiman Sundara the most. I watched quite a lot of reviews about...
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    Choosing a DAC around $400 (paired with Aune X7S)

    Hello more experienced audio beings, this is my first post. I know this may and most certainly has been asked and answered before. I about to buy my first dedicated DAC. Recently I bought an AUNE X7S amp for a very nice price from a guy I know. I ordered HD 58X from Drop as my first "better"...
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