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    Are amplifier clicks and pops damaging speakers?

    I have an ICEPower 125ASX2 based poweramp, which when I turn it on makes a very slight pop noise. It really is not loud, much more quiet compared to how I'd listen to music even at night. My question is that do I need to worry about this damaging my speaker, if I turn the amplifier on/off once...
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    Basic question about connecting mains (IcePower DIY build)

    I have a VocoPro Feather Amp FA-500 board, which I bought for its 100% genuine IcePower 125ASX2 board + case + connectors, and because it's been on a good sale at $100 (+ shipping + import duty ended up $175). The official IcePower board itself would be 200+ GBP in Europe. Out of the box, it...
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    AB testing tool for macOS

    Hi, For the HD Audio Challange II (which I absolutely recommend to everyone in the forum interested in our hearing), I'm looking for a macOS based software which allows me to do this. It needs to be bit-perfect and support 24/96 audio playback. I've tried the "Lacinato" tool, but it makes a...
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    iPhone + USB DACs any good? Bit-perfect? HD?

    Hi, Is there anyone who did any test on the bit-perfectness of an iPhone when used with USB DACs? I was thinking about making a Raspberry Pi streamer, but I was thinking that if I can use my iPhone that'd be much better. Not one more computer with an operating system, which needs to be updated...
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    Measuring line levels using a multimeter

    Hi, I have a very super basic question. Is it possible to measure line level using a multimeter in AC Voltage settings? I have a cheap but recommended "Excel DT9205A" multimeter, like this: I've set it to AC Voltage mode and...
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    Recommended internal cables for amplifier kits

    I'm trying to build / mod some Class D kits (ICEPower, Tripath modules). So about internal cabling, what are exactly the recommended cables for power, signal and speakers? I have some questions. - power: I don't understand why is it better twisted than straight. In the walls, in the power...
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