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    What is considered a "good" preference rating?

    What is considered a "good" preference rating, both with and without a subwoofer? Can certain preference rating clusters be grouped together to say these speakers generally perform about the same, or within reasonable audible thresholds? And if so, how should they be grouped?
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    Is there any way to minimize bias in a blind test when you know which speakers are playing by hearing them?

    I own quite a few speakers that I've listened to for years and am familiar with how they sound on a list of reference test tracks. Lately, I've been pondering trying to set up a blind test for myself as a way to pass the time when we should be staying indoors and socially distancing ourselves...
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    Preference Rating and the case for subjective preference

    There is no debate - Harman blind studies show that more neutral speakers were preferred over more colored speakers. But the studies didn't control for only frequency response; there were other variables that contributed to the lower ratings of the speakers that already were less neutral...
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    Recommendation for neutral, small, budget speaker?

    I haven't seen measurements for it, but the QA 3020 comes to mind for a small neutral budget (around $300 or less) speaker. Does anyone else have any recommendations or thoughts?
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    Do any of you enjoy speakers with bad measurements?

    So I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand that objectively, measure pretty bad; however, to use old subjective cliches, they sound very "musical" to me and I do enjoy listening to music on them. Being a frequent reader (and mostly a lurker) of this forum has led me to consider a...
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