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    Good open-back ~$200-ish headphone?

    How does detail on the 560S compare to the rest of the Senn 500/600 series headphones?
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    Which Revel Speakers to Choose

    How do they compare to your Ascend towers, another wide dispersion speaker?
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    Headphone with these characteristics under $1,500

    You're mostly preaching to the choir. The Harman preference rating for headphones, akin to its speaker rating, doesn't take into account everything that encompasses sound quality - just tonality. My HifiMan Anandas have a lower score than my AKG K371's but are the sonically superior headphone...
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    Headphone with these characteristics under $1,500

    The Focal Utopia actually scores very highly on the Harman preference rating (a score of 86); for reference, the AKG K371 which is touted for its closeness to the curve scores an 89. The HEDD scores a 66, which is in the realm of "good" if we were to go by Harman categorized scores in its...
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    Selah Integrity DIY Speaker Kit Review

    Good article on what Jeff meant to the community and how his passing was felt all around the world:
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    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    I doubt that's James Larsen from Audioholics, despite using the same forum handle he's used in the past. "ShadyJ" isn't that uncommon of a nickname and had he been trying to fool people into thinking he's somebody else, he wouldn't have used the same name.
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    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Recently got a Rythmik L12 in gloss white for the office. It sounded subjectively good but I still needed a way to EQ for the room when it so happened I stumbled upon a review of the Dayton DSP-LF DSP controller...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Current stable of headphones which up until recently have had many rotations: 1) HiFiMan Ananda - open back reference headphones used at my home desk setup; great all-arounder for all genres I listen to 2) JVC FDX1 - IEM used for mobile/travel; great technicalities while also being fun 3) AKG...
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    Ascend Sierra 2 Speaker Review

    I can't answer your question, but I would have to the assume the Towers would measure at least as well as the Horizon does, seeing as they use the same drivers and have the same cabinet volume without the constraints of designing it for horizontal use...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    I doubt anyone here is really hurt or offended but words still matter. The term "wife acceptance factor" has sexist implications (the wife is only concerned about home aesthetics while the husband is more utilitarian and cares about actual sound quality and must appease his wife). In 2020, I...
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    PSB Alpha P5 Speaker Review

    I'm not sure what the max score is - is it 10? Not exactly the same thing, but in Harman's paper about preference ratings for circumaural and supra-aural headphones, they have the following breakdown. Since the 2 different types of headphones have different max scores, they used percentages of...
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    Passive bookshelf for near field/desktop listening?

    I bought the Focal Aria 906 after the good review here on ASR. They're larger but sound very good near field if you can accommodate the space. The drivers integrate very well from a shorter distance and they sound in phase. They're essentially the passive version of the Focal Shape 65 which is a...
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    Anyone running these nearfield? How well do they do?
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    What is considered a "good" preference rating?

    What is considered a "good" preference rating, both with and without a subwoofer? Can certain preference rating clusters be grouped together to say these speakers generally perform about the same, or within reasonable audible thresholds? And if so, how should they be grouped?
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    Blind Listening Test Results (N=4) : Revel F206 vs Ascend Sierra RAAL Towers

    Inspired by your post, I ran a really rough, informal blind test with another listener of my F206 and Sierra 2-EX (I had previously posted my own sighted impressions of these 2, but never with another listener in a blind test). I don't have a mic so level matching was done with an SPL app on my...
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    Blind Listening Test Results (N=4) : Revel F206 vs Ascend Sierra RAAL Towers

    Thanks for all the work you've done in putting this together. I own the F206 and the Sierra 2-EX and this aligns with my sighted impressions (even though the EX isn't the same as the tower, the descriptions of the differences in treble are consistent). From other user impressions, I believe the...
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    Philharmonic Audio BMR Speaker Discussion

    Dennis, will the Chinese BMR's come in kits or finished speaker systems with no need for DIY?
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    Affordable Accuracy Monitor Review

    I got deep rose red Chen Chen with burst edges. I'm sure it'll be beautiful in person. There was a delay due to suspending operations because of Covid, but I believe Jim is back up and running so the current timeline puts me at about a month away. How does something like the WOW1 compare to your...
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    Affordable Accuracy Monitor Review

    Dennis, your affordable accuracy speakers have one of the highest preference ratings (used with a subwoofer) on the site so far. I assume you feel your BMR is the superior speaker. Would you expect a similar preference rating? And if so, what, besides bass performance/power handling, would you...
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    Affordable Accuracy Monitor Review

    Amazing what can be done for the price. Dennis no longer makes speakers under Philharmonic Audio, but nearly all of Jim Salk's speakers are designed by Dennis, although unfortunately none in this price range. I have a pair of Salk WOW1 monitors on the way and may send to Amir to review.
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