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  1. Guermantes

    A millennial's rant on classical music

    Never liked Schenkerian analysis, more a neo-Riemannian person myself:p I have one of the books he shows on-screen, Tonal Harmony by Kostka and Payne, and it spends a couple of paragraphs on figured bass as opposed to several pages on serialism in the 20th century. It's true that the...
  2. Guermantes

    Why do so many recording sound bright or "harsh"?

    There's a lot of noise such as hiss and ticks in that YT clip. Might be a needle drop of a vinyl pressing . . .
  3. Guermantes

    Tascam DR-100 MKiii Field Recorder Review

    The Beesneez clones are well regarded and the pricing is good in Australia (they are just 200 km from me). They do make KM84 clones . . . Sorry for the off topic diversion everyone!
  4. Guermantes

    Tascam DR-100 MKiii Field Recorder Review

    Yes, this makes sense, thanks @Blumlein 88. But what if the target convolution model is an ideal (i.e. neutral) version of the source microphone? I'm not thinking about making the Tascam DR-100 microphones sound like a pair of U87s, just looking to improve what they are -- a pair of small...
  5. Guermantes

    Tascam DR-100 MKiii Field Recorder Review

    Yes, I agree that "correcting" a microphone involves more complexity than static images, however de-/re-convolving microphone signals is offered by quite a few developers (as I'm sure you're aware) such as Antelope Audio, Antares, iZotope, etc. Some of these involve using the signal from a...
  6. Guermantes

    Tascam DR-100 MKiii Field Recorder Review

    This is an interesting idea, but not offered by manufacturers of these devices as far as I can see. It's a shame as, in photography, many good photo editors now include lens correction profiles. It would be nice to have correction profiles for recorders like this as, in my opinion, the on-board...
  7. Guermantes

    A millennial's rant on classical music

    I read the transcript rather than watching the video. Thanks for that. Actually I agree with a lot of what he says. Music institutions are among the most conservative around -- the term "conservatory" is quite apt -- and the canon of Western Art Music is rarely questioned or criticised. Yes...
  8. Guermantes

    Foobar2000, MathAudio, and the Infinity R162

    What microphone did you use? I suppose it came with a calibration file, since one seems to be loaded in Room EQ.
  9. Guermantes

    RIP Ennio Morricone

    He was an original, from his work with the Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza to his Verdi-esque scores for Once Upon a Time in the West/America and Cinema Paradiso, etc.
  10. Guermantes

    Schiit Asgard 3 Headphone Amp & DAC

    What does "cold and clinical" sound like? Is it a flat response? Lack of 2nd harmonic distortion? Any consensus on this?
  11. Guermantes

    Does a musician's lack of technical ability ever get in the way of your enjoyment?

    Jazz pianist Tommy Flanagan apparently struggled with the mediant progressions in Coltrane's "Giant Steps". I find this analysis surprising because chromatic mediants are the lingua franca of Romantic piano music. Perhaps they are just tough to improvise over.
  12. Guermantes

    Does a musician's lack of technical ability ever get in the way of your enjoyment?

    Championed by Frank Zappa! Outsider art and music is valued precisely because it has some truly sui generis quality that doesn't conform to normal ideas of competency in matters of technique or psychology.
  13. Guermantes

    Does a musician's lack of technical ability ever get in the way of your enjoyment?

    My own lack of technical ability irritates me constantly . . . But to echo other comments, I don't believe there is some magic equation of greater ability equals better music. There are some artists where the music is greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak, and I have a double take and...
  14. Guermantes

    Do DACs and headphone amps have different voice and instrument timbre texture?

    I think we have to be careful when we psychologically transfer musical percepts to the, hopefully, objective evaluation of sound reproduction systems. Terms like "texture", "timbre", "PRaT", etc. are really aspects (and sometimes emotionally shaded ones) of the music we listen to and not...
  15. Guermantes

    Questions about going Raspberry Pi 4 direction

    JRiver Media Center is also now running on Raspberry Pi. It has a lot of auto-tagging features and remote access via mobile apps:,123770.0.html Not a lot on Pi 4 compatibility but that may simply be lack of testing. There is a 30 day trial...
  16. Guermantes

    JDS Labs Atom DAC Review

    The AK4490EQ supports it on paper: Quite probably the XMOS chipset will also handle it. It may simply be an undocumented capability.
  17. Guermantes

    Headphone Correction & Spatialization

    I was listening to a classical album this morning during my daily commute: I was listening on IEMs and my DAP has no cross-feed or similar function but I was struck by how the soundstage of the Henry Cowell piece was less "in-my-head" and more panned...
  18. Guermantes

    EarMen Donald DAC Review

    This should also be DSD capable according to the Cirrus Logic datasheet:
  19. Guermantes

    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    @amirm I'm wondering if your subjective impressions of these KEF coaxials would improve when listening to a phantom image from a stereo pair? Especially, it would be interesting to consider how the directivity of the two speakers interact in producing a "soundstage". I say this because this is...
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