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    Why DAC manufactors has not an option 3.5/6.3 jack for interconnection?

    Subj. Today when we appreciate multiple connectivity options, modern dacs have XLR/RCA/IIS/AES/Bluetooth options to connect it whatever you want. But it doesn't include jack, 3.5 or 6.3. I have old audio interface E-MU 0404 USB, it have 3.5mm or 2x6.3mm line outputs, I connected it to my O2 amp...
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    Squealing/grain when running sweep tones

    Hello, I have problem with my headphones. It's actually my second headphone (first was Hifiman Sundara and now Hifiman Ananda) and they somehow shares the issue. So, when i run sweep tones generated by SoX i hear high pitch squealing or grain at certain frequencies. I noticed it on both channels...
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    When enough is enough or is there any need to upgrade entry-level DAC/Amp to complete with upper mid-fi headphones?

    So, I've joined audiophile journey 5-6 years ago, in that time I've had quite a few headphones: Sennheizer HD 215 -> Philips Fidelio X2 -> Hifiman Sundara -> Hifiman Ananda. It's not quite much, but still if we look price progression on these headphones, I went from bottom to sub-$1000, possibly...
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