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    EQ and house curve help

    I'm working on my house curve using REW. I'm using the MMM technique at my listen place. I want to EQ only for this spot. First which smoothing is best for HF eq : 1/3, 1/6, 1/12? Second with REW's auto target caculator I have a 1,5db difference between speaker L and R (44,1db And 45,6 db)...
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    Amplifier : how much power do you need

    For those who are interested, here's a quick way to estimate your amplifier's power needs, based on your average SPL listening level : 1- You need the crest factor of your music track, usually between 10-20db :, orchestral music can...
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    What's your average SPL for music listening

    Reading some comments here about SPL and a couple of people say that they listen at 85 db average. I took my Umik-1 out again and I played music and pink noise at 83 db Z and C weighting and I found it's way to loud for listening more than 15 to 30 minutes. During the day 75db seems good for...
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    The frailty of Sighted Listening Tests

    Since it created controversies in a couple of speakers review I would like to know what's your thought about blind speaker testing and about the reviewer's experience. Here's what Sean Olive wrote a couple of years ago ...
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    Room measurement help

    I finished my room measurement with my newly acquiered minidsp 2x4 HD. Crossover : Compression driver 650 hz - 12 db, Woofer 650 hz - 42 db Pioneer originally did : 12db - 36db. I got netter results with 42db. There's no EQ, I still need to add some bass traps. I can live with the sub bass...
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    DAC with variable output suggestion

    I'm looking for suggestions for a DAC with variable output. I don't have a lot of money to spend, and too much would not make sense on my system. My setup : Raspberry pi (USB) + CD player (analogue, but there's a coax output that I can use). Minidsp : crossover and preamp. Emotiva A-100 and...
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    Bookshelf setup

    I'm planning to sell my vintage amplifier and speakers (they are too large). And I'll reconfigure my living room. There will be mostly bookshelf space. I'll use this system for : casual tv listening, background music, light gaming. I already have a dedicated room for critical listening and...
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    USB CD player SNR

    Does external USB CD/DVD player has SNR? I'm looking to buy a cheap usb player to use with my PI 3 that I use for music listening.
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    Watt meter

    Would it be possible to have this kind of meter on a power amplifier...
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    Gain structure setup

    I'm planning to switch my passive system to active. I need help to figure out how I'll configure it. Here's the plan Sources : CD player ans Raspberry pi 3B Crossover, preamp and DAC : Minidsp 2x4 HD Amplifiers: For Tweeter : Emotiva A-100 50w @ 8 Ohms, 0,6V = 20 VRms Gain : 30,45 db. For...
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