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    You usually can't have something riding on the surface of an LP without it making enough noise that the cartridge will pick it up enough to totally ruin the experience. We played with and rejected "Dust Bugs" in 1967. Though the Watts "Disc Preener" was the best predecessor to the "Disc...
  2. gene_stl

    My waf dipole speaker design. Waffle.

    Once you get as far as a four way or a good three way with a good subwoofer and multi amp it properly it is going to sound better than most commercially built home speaker systems. Eliminating the passive high level crossover with all of its compromises for production and cost, its huge...
  3. gene_stl

    My waf dipole speaker design. Waffle.

    I don't object to charging on principle. (After all we are not communists ;):cool::p) But there really is not any "secret sauce" and his designs used to be free. I felt he may have been lying down with some high end dogs and picked up a few fleas. I imagine they whispered in his ear to...
  4. gene_stl

    My waf dipole speaker design. Waffle.

    I think you will be amazed at how that will sound. I was a very early fan of SL but actually if you have a four way quad amped system using reasonably selected drivers and laid out in a reasonable fashion (which SLs series of speakers were always reasonable) it is actually hard to make a system...
  5. gene_stl

    Multi-Channel, Multi-Amplifier Audio System Using Software Crossover and Multichannel-DAC

    Hi Quality Small Power amps seem to be getting rarer. Connecting a 150 watt per channel power amp directly to a beryllium mid range or tweeter seems a little dangerous to me. I think dual coupling capacitors and fuses or other kind of speaker protection should be left in place...
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    Stereo to surround setup
  7. gene_stl

    DBX Driverack Venu 360 - initial impressions

    Jazzman , why do you prefer the DBX over the Behringer pair.
  8. gene_stl

    Anyone (((3D))) ?

    Are there Region headaches doing that?
  9. gene_stl

    Anyone (((3D))) ?

    I have a 45 inch flat screen that does 3D and came with a pair of shutter goggles. But I have yet to operate it in 3D mode. (I just got a 3D capable blue ray player so maybe that will change soon. Very open to suggestions content wise.) In the past I have been involved in 3D experiments for...
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    XLR input to amp module connections?

    I having "been away" from audio missed the whole thing and only noticed it in the manual of one of my new pieces of gear either the SchMarantz AV 7005 or the Oppo or maybe a power amp. I don't remember which But I was going to drill down all the way before making connections. For me 2005 is...
  11. gene_stl

    XLR input to amp module connections?

    There are also some different american and european (or is it japanese) conventions about xlr connectors. I will look and see if I can find those. Maybe someone else knows the conflict off the top of their head.
  12. gene_stl

    750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys

    this species of mosquito was not native to the New World. It was brought from Africa on slave ships. Mosquitos have caused more human deaths than all other causes combined probably more than half the people that have ever lived. There are many many species. If they can extinct this one it...
  13. gene_stl

    How do companies decide what sort of power supply ~topography?~ to use?

    I just did!:p:facepalm: A place where I used to work the new guy got stuck on a bench with a shelf full of Wyse monitor/terminals. You opened them up and replaced all the electrolytic caps and a couple of semiconductors. And anything else you noticed that was cooked. But with just the caps...
  14. gene_stl

    How do companies decide what sort of power supply ~topography?~ to use?

    Kepco are great power supplies. There used to be lots of USA makers of great power supplies. Sorensen, HP, Tektronix many others.
  15. gene_stl

    How do companies decide what sort of power supply ~topography?~ to use?

    I have been repairing electronic stuff since the 1960s and I watched initially with interest and then growing horror as switching mode power supplies began to replace linear power supplies, which took place much earlier outside of audio than in audio. I am sure the presence of the switching...
  16. gene_stl

    Amount of power needed for dynamic peaks?

    I am surprised that in four pages of posts there are only three posts by two posters on thermal effects and power handling capacity of tweeters. The peak to rms ratio is almost irrelevant. The first thing to look at is the power handling capacity of the tweeters. After the above mentioned...
  17. gene_stl

    Hello! I am an organist

    Since this is only partially about reproduction I would recommend 1) Multiple subwoofers (multiple subs are what audiophiles and Home Theater people are considering to be "state of the art " nowadays 2) Since you already have active speakers and have active ones on the way, let...
  18. gene_stl

    Crossover, passive to active, not that easy?

    The fact that JBL does this or that in a particular model proves nothing whatsoever. The 4367 is 45 years newer than my speakers and supposedly has lots of new technology in it. It was in a very high end system in an acoustically treated environment and demoed by it's proud owner with...
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