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  1. Cocoloco

    swapping a akm dac chip.

    Would it be possible to change the 2 AKM4493 for the newest AKM4499 in my DX3 pro ? without the darn thing going up in smoke...
  2. Cocoloco

    I'm not sure what amirm mean by music service but those who don't know radioparadise should go check it out. They stream free in flac , aac etc. There are many old timers in here so radioparadise play music from 1960 to 2010+. Don't judge it in 1 hour, some days they don't play my style of...
  3. Cocoloco


    I often buy my music on Bandcamp. We can download in flac, aac or AIFF and often in 24/96. There is all styles of music and some are VERY good. Those who don't know about this service should take a good look at it.
  4. Cocoloco

    Audio equipment you regret you sold !

    I sold a Denon - PMA 1080 R optical Class A amp because it was Stereo and 5.1 was the rage...$ 75. DUH! ( never knew what the "optical" term was about) Sold a Quad 303 , 45 watts pre-amp/ amp with some 3A powered speakers ( Art et Acoustic Appliqué ) for $400. Thinking that bigger was better...
  5. Cocoloco

    AB vintage amp ?

    I own a few older Harman Kardon amps. One of them is the HK395i which has a superb sound. Would that be a class AB amp ? I still use it in the basement. Frequency response: 0.5Hz to 150kHz !
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