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    [SOLD]Feather AMP FA-500 (ICEPower 125asx2) $100 shipped

    I've recently upgraded amps and have too many of them sitting around. This was one of the clearance Feather AMP FA-500's that are basically a pre-amp and an enclosure around an ICEPower 125asx2. I plugged it in to verify that it works, but haven't used it for more than an hour or so. It has...
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    [SOLD]Chromecast Audio for sale

    I have a lightly used Chromecast Audio with the original cables, power supply and packaging all included. I got it new and have probably used it for all of three weeks before succumbing to the convenience of AirPlay and Volumio. These seem to be selling for about $50+shipping on EBay, I'm...
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