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  1. andreasmaaan

    Controversial study shows rats prefer jazz to classical music, when on drugs
  2. andreasmaaan

    Headphone Correction & Spatialization

    Hi all, I recently went about doing all I could to improve the sound of my pair of HD6XX. I thought I'd share here what I've learnt. Objectives Having found myself unexpectedly stranded in Australia due to covid19, and without headphones or access to a decent speaker system, I bought myself a...
  3. andreasmaaan

    Recommendation sought for cheap optical-in DAC with remote

    Hi all, My parents are looking to route their TV audio through their stereo, which they'd only used for music until now. The TV is optical out only, so what I'm looking for is something that has optical input, volume control with remote control (mute button essential), and RCA output. They...
  4. andreasmaaan

    Tymphany website offline

    Has anyone else noticed that Tymphany's website has been down for the past few days? Anyone know what's going on?
  5. andreasmaaan

    Budget input switcher + tone control: advice needed

    Hey all, A friend of mine has asked me for a recommendation for a cheap-ish (<$200) device that would allow him to switch between inputs and do some basic tone control. The requirements are: 2 x switchable single-ended inputs 1 x single-ended or balanced output Bass & treble tone controls, or...
  6. andreasmaaan

    Mundorf BS

    I found my way onto Mundorf's website and their "Choosing the right coil wire" page. There are some audiophile BS gems there. Incredibly, the most expensive materials seem to have the most beneficial effects on the sound! Eg: OFC copper Coils that use oxygen-free copper (99.997% purity) as...
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    DTS Virtual:X

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any links to technical documentation on DTS Virtual:X, which claims to be able to create 3D sound using a stereo speaker pair. I presume this involves some form of crosstalk cancellation, and perhaps some additional processing, but I can't find any technical...
  8. andreasmaaan

    Suggestions sought - using PC or Mac as a crossover with some added complexities

    Hi all, I have a bunch of drivers and amplifier modules lying about that I've been meaning to turn into a pair of speakers for the living room. I had originally planned to buy a digital signal processor + 6 or 8 channel DAC (e.g. MiniDSP MiniSharc + 8 channel DAC) of some kind, but I'm now...
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    First (allegedly) successful transplant of 3D-printed inner ear

    “The first patient to receive the transplant was a 35-year-old man who suffered hearing loss as a result of a car accident that damaged his inner ear... Using 3D technology, [the surgeon] was able to recreate the bones—the hammer, anvil, stirrup, and the ossicles that make up the inner ear, thus...
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    Equal Loudness Contour ("Loudness") DSP for playback?

    Does anyone know of a VST or plugin of some kind that allows the user to apply equalisation based on the equal loudness contours against a reference level? Something like what is available in the Adi-2 DAC/Pro, preferably a little more sophisticated? Ideally, this would be a plugin that could be...
  11. andreasmaaan

    Interesting DIYaudio thread with 3D-printable DIY waveguide models

    The title says it all really. A couple of members over at DIYaudio have developed and are providing open-source printable .STL files for constant directivity waveguides for a number of popular tweeters here. The files themselves are on page 30.
  12. andreasmaaan

    DAC/amp impedance

    Hi @amir, following a discussion in one thread in which a member described blind AB testing done with a range of DACs feeding a passive attenuator and a very low impedance power amp, it occurred to me that perhaps measurement of electronic components’ output and (if applicable) input impedance...
  13. andreasmaaan

    Crossover implementation via MacBook Pro

    I’m planning to build a pair of 3-way speakers for my living room using some drivers I have lying around and a set of ICEpower amp modules. My remaining problem is the crossover. I have an old bunch of minidsp 2x4 + minidigi modules that I could use. However, the audio performance isn’t great...
  14. andreasmaaan

    What is important to you in a PA speaker?

    Hi all, I know this is a home audio forum, but my current area of interest is PA as I’m in the process of designing and prototyping a range of speakers aimed at the higher end of the PA market. At this stage, I have four models in the pipeline: 12” 2-way with horn loaded compression driver...
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    Is buying these Sure Class D boards a bad idea?

    I'm designing a budget 3-way active system for the living room atm as we've been surviving off a €100 Creative 2.1 satellite system since early this year. The system is mostly made up of odds and ends that I've had sitting around for a while, but the one aspect that I haven't got sorted is the...
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    And this week in What's Stupid:
  17. andreasmaaan

    Watermarking: what do we know?

    I'm no expert on this topic, which is why the title of this thread is a question, but it seems clear to me that a significant proportion of music distributed via streaming services is now watermarked by the major labels. Some examples of watermarked audio that have been posted in various places...
  18. andreasmaaan

    Masking Studies and Relationship to Nonlinear Distortion Audibility (?)

    There was a discussion developing today on another thread about what is an acceptable (i.e. inaudible) level of nonlinear distortion from an electronic component. While we have a good sense of what kinds of claim are plainly ridiculous, the discussion reinforced for me just how unclear the...
  19. andreasmaaan

    Calibration of measurement equipment

    I’m posting here to try to find out more about how the development of measurement equipment (e.g. audio analysers, measurement mics, etc.) tries to address the inherent conundrum that any measurement device must be calibrated to another measurement device which in turn must be calibrated to...
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