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  1. Wes

    Quality of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab CD Re-Issues?

    I'm curious about what MFSL does to digital files for their CD reissues. Does anybody know? Some of it sounds like there is less grunge, but for rock less grunge isn't always the best idea... * not the LP's but the CD's
  2. Wes

    What surface roughness makes for a good diffractive side wall ?

    Depth and spacing of surface elements... Note - elements could be the peaks on a brick.
  3. Wes

    Ride Your Krebs Cycle
  4. Wes

    Bluetooth 4.2

    Is this the latest spec. ? How good is the SQ? (and... is there a way some manf. can make the SQ worse by choice of chip sets, conversion, etc.?)
  5. Wes

    a low-frequency thud and then a ‘ker-chunk’
  6. Wes

    SINAD vs. Price Correlation

    some Recommended units
  7. Wes

    Remote Control

    I'd like remote control for my system... It should have both some common, frequently used controls and a nice display. Controls for Volume, Mute, maybe Balance. Volume needs to be on a knob, a real one. The Display should be pretty to look at and informative. Something like this: Maybe...
  8. Wes

    What is an instrumentation amplifier configuration?

    A high-end electronics company advertises this as a feature, and says it enables fully balanced signal paths.
  9. Wes

    AAVA volume control - Accuphase circuit designs

    To what extent is this an advantage over other analog volume controls? (not digital, just the analog volume controls)
  10. Wes

    Vintage Receivers

    note the comments about the distortion spectrum at clipping (the Marantz is still groovy lookin' tho) this link has a pic of the AR Receiver and comments on reliability...
  11. Wes

    Are Electronic Amplifiers a Solved Problem ??

    How do we know that the SINAD differences ASR exposes are inaudible in amps & pre-amps? Or.. what amount of SINAD would constitute a JND - assume top quality speakers & source material...
  12. Wes

    Best SciFi movies

    I'd rather watch a good SciFi film than a Horror movie What are your favorites?
  13. Wes

    Klipsch Horns

    How good or bad were they? I saw an ad for a pair of KBOL H12 corner Cabinet Speakers in Chicago BTW. If anybody wants them. Corner mount speakers are appealing due to not cluttering the room (Thx Magnepan!)
  14. Wes

    Duke Ellington Albums

    I have a bunch but am looking for albums with good renditions of songs like "Black And Tan Fantasy" and "Creole Love Call" any ideas?
  15. Wes

    Panther Patches

    this has to be good for something...
  16. Wes

    SPL vs. SQ

    What difference in SQ is needed to overcome a 0.5 dB mismatch in SPL between 2 components?
  17. Wes

    Open Floor Plan Houses and Listening Rooms

    I thought this might be a worthy topic...
  18. Wes

    What spendy DAC manfs. Think their DACs Deliver in SQ

    here are some quotes (from a rep. for Sonore) on how their various digital equipment differs from the lower priced items: Lower noise floor Better detail retrieval soundstage both larger (deeper, wider and taller) and more precise imaging within the soundstage better dynamic expression...
  19. Wes

    Help me Design a New Listening Room

    Looking for help on speaker placement, getting the room nodes right for the various modes, etc.
  20. Wes

    Metal Spreading

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