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  1. M

    SMSL SU v2 + SMSL SP200

    Hello, so i have been thinking that it's time to change my audio hardware and i've got dilemma between THX 789 and SMSL SP200 (Especially with SMSL that it doesn't have medium gain, just low and high). For the DAC, I am definitely decided that i'll go with this one (SMSL SU v2),i read a lot...
  2. RangerXML

    FS: SMSL M500 (Black) $360 shipped continental US

    [WTS] SMSL M500 (Black) $360 shipped continental US Its a great DAC/AMP, full MQL decoding, very flexible for studio monitors with separate volume from the headphone out and even the size isn't bad.
  3. C


    Does anyone know if the SMSL M400 have the click at the start of DSD playback?
  4. W

    Smsl su-8 v2 or smsl m300 mk2 for smsl sp200 ?

    Hello ,I have an amp smsl sp200 and headphone akg k712. I have a dac ifi zen dac that has poor performance .I can't choose between two dacs smsl su-8 v2 and smsl m300 mk2 ? what is the best between these two dac that sounds good ? thank you for helping me
  5. Rotary Transformer

    A Copy of SMSL SP200?

    I just found something interesting in AliExpress. It seems a full copy of SMSL SP200...
  6. ShiZo

    Predictions for smsl m400

    How good do you guys think the smsl m400 is going to measure? Can any predictions be made given the measurements already provided (imd and multitone mostly)?
  7. D

    SMSL DA-8S

    New replacement of AD-18? Need to test for advice !
  8. J

    FS: Topping D50s DAC ($170), SMSL SP-200 Balanced THX-888 AMP ($210) an additional $10 anywhere in the continental USA. Each working, like new, with original packaging. (Original owner in a non-smoking household). Topping D50s comes with USB power cable, USB data cable, Bluetooth Antenna, working remote, and protective caps SMSL SP-200 comes with power...
  9. J

    SMSL M400 & M200 new dacs! Their measurements: Would be great to get 3rd party measurements on these!
  10. WolfX-700

    Having a Feeling of Shame Gives Rise to Courage--SMSL M500 V2

    Amir and I discovered the temperature stability of the SMSL M500 before. After SMSL knew it, they improved the M500. A few days ago I received this improved unit (already sold). After the measurement, I was a little excited-so I can't wait to release some quick measurement results. In terms...
  11. S

    MQA via SMSL M500 pros down here. I have Node 2i streamer which i use to listen my HR songs and Tidal which I have Hi FI Subscription. I have ordered a SMSL M500 for listening to MQA songs as Node 21 is not able to stream MQA songs through Tidal. Have asked Bluesound geeks to help me here. My simple...
  12. D

    SMSL DAC + SMSL AMP + HeadSet. Problem.

    ...from my PC and occasionally from my mobile. At first I wanted to buy a Pioneer vsx 934, but after reading for a few weeks, I decided to buy an SMSL Sanskrit 10th SK10 MKII and an SMSL SA300, so I could connect two speakers and a sub (speakers kenwood 4ohm, 89 dB and sub jamo j12) I think it...
  13. Y

    Looking for a DAC to be paired with SMSL SP200 at around $200 aliexpress. - I would like to pick one backed by objective measurements or unbiased information(the later is rarely available though). I'm not leaning toward any specific models but my list of candidates are following so far. - SMSL M200 - SMSL M300 MKII - Soncoz LA-QXD1 thank you in...
  14. M

    SMSL M300 MkII DSD Noise for a while. I created this account to post my experience and welcome input since I've tried all I can think of. I have also emailed SMSL 3+ days ago and am still waiting for a response - let alone an acknowledgment they received my email. I bought an M300 MkII a couple of months ago...
  15. WolfX-700

    Wolf's Measurements of SMSL M200 DAC

    This device (SMSL M200) should have been on the market for some time? From the price and model system of SMSL, this is an inexpensive device (279USD?). Considering the discussion in the forum, I applied for a sample for measurement. In terms of design and workmanship, there is really...
  16. U

    WolfX700 Measurement of SMSL M300 MkII Edition

    ...and have not been impressed but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I am using my iPad Pro and the Tidal app to send Master and HIFI tracks to the SMSL using a USB-C to USB Hub and then plugging in the USB cable that came with the SMSL to connect to my USB Hub and the SMSL. Then I am using RCA...
  17. D

    SMSL Sanskrit 10th no output

    I bought an SMSL Sanskrit 10th and it arrived today, I tried both USB and Optical, on USB it seems to switch Sampling rates just fine, and I can't test that on optical (I only have a cd player) When I play audio, nothing outputs from the line out (I'm using a NAIT 1 if that makes a difference)
  18. Racheski

    WolfX700 Measurement of SMSL M300 MkII Edition

    Do you have the SMSL in "fixed" mode?
  19. Veri

    Yulong Aquila II DAC and Headphone Amp Review

    From the top of my head, SMSL SU-8, SMSL D1, SMSL M400. All DACs though, not dac+amp. If you look at teardown it is easily recognisible:
  20. O

    WolfX700 Measurement of SMSL M300 MkII Edition

    You didn't mention that part, but I guess you know that the M300 doesn't support MQA? (or maybe I don't know how Tidal works, don't have it personally)
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