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  1. daftcombo

    JBL 308P MKII 8-inch 2-way monitors - first impressions

    Thanks. No hiss no hum with 2 x 1/4 TLR?
  2. eliash

    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    Saw this in my T+A old R-series 650W power amp in front of the toroidal transformer as well - 2 x 2 diodes in series (antiparallel) in parallel to 2 x 2200uF/18V in series (reverse connected). Seems to work, no hum audible, despite massive PV installation around here, generating strange current...
  3. DonH56

    Eliminating Speaker Buzz

    Where exactly did you place the Hum-X and Jensen isolators when you tested them? What all is connected to each component?
  4. R

    Massdrop X Eddie Current ZDT Jr. Tube Headphone Amp

    The first run last year had issues with hum for some amps shipped. Hopefully fixed now.
  5. amirm

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Jotunheim With AK4490 DAC

    Without seeing a picture of the setup, you can't tell if they used isolation power supplies and such. We would need to test one ourselves to be sure.
  6. VintageFlanker

    Thoughts on the Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro DAC?

    Hum! Ideally, in a perfect world, it should the same: no difference between Manufacturer's specs and measured performance. Amir's Element X review shows that manufacturers specs reach real world measurements. It probably depends on your location... For mine, both the LKS and X Sabre Pro (non...
  7. J

    Eliminating Speaker Buzz

    I tried plugging both the pre-amp and the amplifier into to Hum-X and then both into the line conditioner and directly into the outlet. The Jensen was conected by rca between the preamp and the amplifier. When neither worked, I returned both. I should mention that I tried a 2 prong adapter on...
  8. lystor

    DX3 Pro Hum issue

    Ebtech Hum X has only US plug. I need something for EU.
  9. S

    DJ equipment setup in Japan apartment has a lot of feedback

    Just in case anyone is interested. I got my Hum X today and it's not fixed the issue or done anything at all so I guess it's back to the drawing board!
  10. Matias

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Jotunheim With AK4490 DAC

    Schiit is slowly adding complete APx555 measurements of all their products to their website. The Jotunheim AK4490 measurements are already on the bottom of the specs page already. They look a little different than what @amirm measured, but still cleaner than their own measurements of the...
  11. S

    DJ equipment setup in Japan apartment has a lot of feedback

    Thanks, just looking in to that now but the issue I have is that they can only be used for one piece of equipmentand not a power block.
  12. RayDunzl

    DJ equipment setup in Japan apartment has a lot of feedback

    ...the outlet might cure your trouble and maintain safety. It "lifts" the ground, but only for the first volt or so of shock fault. Here's a product that does that for you - Ebtech Hum-X Some ASR discussions here...
  13. graz_lag

    Review and Measurements of Geshelli ENOG2 Pro DAC

    I used an HUM X ground isolator once to solve a ground loop :
  14. trl

    isolation transformers

    Hum-X is what you need if you want to safely remove the input ground. It has a powerful bridge regulator inside and couple of optional caps and resistors. The bridge takes care of connecting the Earth-ground again only if the potential between your device's metallic case and the Earth is higher...
  15. S

    DJ equipment setup in Japan apartment has a lot of feedback

    My plan is to use the Hum X so I can then properly earth everything. I'm still getting a hum now (it's started creeping in again). Going to get a voltmeter and check my earth is properly grounded too (I have a sneaky suspicion that it might not be).
  16. trl

    Thoughts on power conditioners?

    ...MOV & gas discharge devices costing less than 50 USD (one outlet only), same applies to more advanced active devices (AVR). There is also Hum-X to get rid of ground-loops too. P.S.: In the attached picture you can see the gas discharge on the right-bottom, MOV + thermistor. There also the...
  17. trl

    Speakers Buzzing When Playing PC Games :(

    ...either by its external SMPS, so an hypothetical analogue balanced connection may not help in my case. However, going balanced did helped me out with my speakers monitors. Also, isolation transformer did helped too with ground loops, especially after lifting the ground safely (devices like...
  18. DonH56

    50 hz noise in audio system

    ^^^ The DI box's ground lift should do that. Sounds like a ground loop but the path may not be through the XLR's. I would normally suggest using a Hum-X or trying cheater plugs to track down which device is the culprit but have no idea how that works in Italy.
  19. trl

    Noise. USB (and other)

    ...should run in house when listening to the music - a dedicated grounding for the audio room could help (might be against country regulations!) - Hum-X or similar devices that correctly lift the ground are indeed helping (don't just lift the ground, use a Hum-X that has powerful diodes inside!)...
  20. DonH56

    isolation transformers

    ...a low-value high-wattage power resistor (UL has a spec for that). Some use an RC circuit, and some go all the way with a cap/bridge like the Hum-X (if I follow what you said). Most, probably the vast majority of the relatively few I have seen and used, do not isolate the safety ground for...
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