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    Received my Apollon NC1200 today

    Finally, after sitting in customs for well over a week, I got my amp. Unfortunately, the box was in bad condition, and from the chip on the face plate, it looked as though it had been dropped. This unfortunately is a reality with shipping. This misaligned to face-plate hole with the power...
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    Amp recommendation for Maggie 3.7i, opinions welcomed

    So I've temporarily and inadvertently hijacked a couple of threads, so I thought I'd start a new thread to get some input. I'm ampless right now, so I need to order something soon. I'm driving Magnepan 3.7i. Candidates: Benchmark AHB2 (190 clean watts in to 4 Ohm, max 29A/channel) Apollon's...
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    Final sanity check before deciding on my new DAC

    Considering: Matrix Element X Benchmark DAC3 Okto Stereo The Benchmark will be the worst performer, relatively speaking, but it has great domestic service and support and trade-ins towards future gear. Volume control is digital. The Okto will be (probably) perform very strongly, but it is from...
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    Thank you for this site

    When I started getting into audio over a year ago, I had no idea the state of the industry. Or maybe it's always been like this? What I see is a bunch of lost, dishonest, delusional, or just plain incompetent companies selling poorly engineered gear at outrageous prices. Now that this site is...
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    Some practical annoyances of audio gear

    So this post is basically me griping. Take it for what it its. In addition to the base specs, engineering, and sound quality of audio gear, there's the customer service, support, and software aspect, especially for streamers/DACs, to consider when purchasing any product. My SOtM sMS-200 Neo...
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    Benchmark, seriously, volume control in DAC3 L, how does it work?

    I can't make heads or tails of your description because it's so steeped in marketing language nonsense. How does the device attenuate output from a digital input (other than the XLR attenuators)? Is it strictly digital volume control? A combination of digital and analog? If analog, how does it...
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    Benchmark: DAC4 around the corner?

    I'm just curious. I'd love to see what you could do with the ES9038PRO.
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    How do I stop the email alerts!??

    I have unchecked the option in preferences but they just keep coming. And Gmail is thinks they are important emails, so i'm constantly being annoyed.
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    The need for a preamp (volume control discussion)

    The methods of volume control are numberous these days. There are digital volume controls of different types, some which are bit-perfect, some not. Even for the ones that are (like on my PS Audio DirectStream DAC), lowering the volume brings the signal closer to the analog noise floor. There are...
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    Forum organization

    If this site is going to exist as a forum, it is in dire need of a reorganization. Separate the forums by function, as well as subject. In other words, the reviews should be posted in their own superset. New topics in the Hardware Reviews section should be restricted to certain users, but of...
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    ICE vs Hypex

    I haven't seen a sticky thread with a list of all the amp reviews here, but I don't think I've run across any review using ICE modules. Am I overlooking something? I'd like to see a comparison of ICE vs comparable Hypex modules.
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    Looking at sMS-200 Neo, need power supply and WiFi advice

    Looking at this I know the SBooster PS is great, but I don't think I want to spend the money on it. I would be interested in this...
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    DAC/Amp recommendations appreciated

    My budget for the dac/amp is around $1750 or below. I'm looking to drive a pair of Elac Uni-Fi UF5 (140 W/c at 4 Ohm) I was originally going for the Schiit Vidar, but I've seen so many bad things about them, I think I'll just avoid them. I'm now leaning...
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