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    Need help using the I2S header in the miniDSP 2 x 4 HD to add 2 spidf digital outputs to unit.

    The miniDSP 2 x 4 is an extremely versatile processor which can function as a 2 X 4 digital crossover, PEQ, FIR filter, and now can run a full version 2.0 of Dirac Live. It accepts USB input for both control and audio inputs (one of the few that does) as well as spidf coax, and 2-channel analog...
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    The effect of materials employed in drivers re loudspeaker performance

    I noticed in one of Amir's speaker reviews a newer member made an allusion to driver materials having some salutary influence on the reproduced sound of a speaker. All things being equal, I wonder how true this assertion really is. I know it's a great marketing point for some of the companies...
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