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    KTB DAC - music stuttering and DPC Latency issues while using resource intensive applications

    Hello, I have Khadas Tone Board as my DAC which is connected to my 'high-end' workstation PC using high bandwidth/power USB-C port on my motherboard. For an AMP I am using JDS Labs Atom connected to my Tone Board. Recently I noticed my music stutters for example if I am listening to music and...
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    How to bypass onboard amplifier and use JDS Atom as main AMP ?

    Hello I have JDS Labs Atom and I want to use it in combo with my internal onboard 32-bit DAC which is pretty good. Now the thing is that I also have dual op-amps so the signal from DAC is amplified by internal op-amps and then it was sent to my JDS Labs Atom AMP. That is dual amping and it is...
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    Just bought a JDS Atom AMP. Do I need external DAC? (I have 'high-end' motherboard)

    Hello, I just bought JDS Labs Atom AMP and this thing is amazing in combo with my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm. Before this I used onboard pc audio which have ALC1220 codec from realtek, dual Texas Instruments op-amps and manufacturers words are that it 'should drive' headphones up to 600...
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