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    Geshelli Labs ARCHEL 2.5 Pro Headphone Amp $129- SOLD

    SOLD- Geshelli Labs ARCHEL 2.5 Pro Headphone Amp-SOLD 1 Watt per channel @ 16 ohms THD+N 0.000095%SNR <-124 db Supply Voltage 12v @ 500 mA Selectable Inputs Stereo RCA & XLR 6.5 mm ( 1/4") Headphone Jack Gain Switch (Unity Gain or 6x) TI 1656 Op Amp Based Design US 12v FCC Level 6 Power...
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    Dan Clark Audio Aeon Open X $399 _ SOLD

    Price: $399 - SOLD Currency: USD Ships to US, Canada, & UK Where to buy Dan Clark Audio Aeon Open X Based on the Aeon Flow Open from Dan Clark Audio (formerly MrSpeakers). With a naturally appealing sound that’s both warm and...
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    Focal Elex $500- Sold

    **Price:** $500 Sold **Currency:** USD **Ships to** North America SPECS * Massdrop x Focal * Open-back circumaural design * 40mm full-range dynamic driver with aluminum-magnesium “M”-shaped dome * 20mm-thick perforated microfiber memory...
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    Hifiman Ananda Headphones $499 - Sold

    Hifiman Ananda Very clean CASE + 2 Hifiman Std Cables Very low listening time. Purchased Jan 2020 Price: $499 Currency: USD Ships to US, Canada, & UK Link to buy them on
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    AKG K712 Pro Open-Back Reference Studio Headphones $250 -Sold

    The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. Also great for gamming to the wide staging. You can find them on Reverb for $250 dollars The over-ear...
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    SOLD: Hifiman HE-560 v1 l with XDUOO TA-01B DAC/AMP for Sale $275

    SOLD If you are looking for a clean pair HIfiman HE-560 these are great, I had to travel a lot after picking them so they have very low playtime on them less 40 hours. It is a very nice headphone that is beautiful sounding with multiple genres of music. I am selling it at ( listed...
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