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  1. Veri

    Radial Engineering (Twin-ISO)

    Hey Guys. I was wondering if anyone here has some feedback on this brand? From what I gather, Radial acquired Jensen so their products should use high quality transformers. I can't read any negatives online either. I suppose one can't go wrong with this brand for this kind of product? This is...
  2. Veri

    New Schiit Modius AK4493 DAC announced

    New DAC unveiled. 'Unison' USB, AKM AK4493. Modi's bigger brother. Measurements look "good". Only oddity is two separate output stages, one for balanced output (LME47924-based), one for single-ended output (OPA1662-based). SE one is performing better through the AP...
  3. Veri

    Headphone amplifier with balanced pass-through?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any... for example, the THX 789/887 have SE passthrough but not balanced. So far haven't found any that offer this. Thanks for any tips :)
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  5. Veri

    AK unveils new 'AK4498' DAC with dedicated D-S chip

    "AK4191EQ and AK4498EQ split the traditional DAC's digital filtering & delta sigma modulation and analog parts to reduce the interference between the digital and analog parts. The general idea is similar to removing the current-voltage conversion with the AK4499EQ. The more scattered the better...
  6. Veri

    New: "Jotunheim R" for Raal headphones

    This just came out: Includes AP testing from Schiit hence the thread. It says it can deliver up to 13A which seems insane. But, the distortion looks actually pretty bad at 1A already? I'm really puzzled by the AP report. Doesn't look very good at...
  7. Veri

    FS: SMSL SP200 (sold)

    sold :)
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    For sale this dongle DAC+amp. See review here: It is mint, only used with my laptop at work. Not using it as much so I figure I might as well sell it. New price was around...
  9. Veri

    -SOLD- Hifiman Ananda

    Selling my Hifiman Ananda. They are in great condition and come with a 2.5mm balanced cable that will be included, of course it comes with the stock accessories, cables and box. Everything well cared for. No scratches/blemishes. Price: €xxx SOLD ON HEAD-FI
  10. Veri

    New Schiit. With measurements.

    Schiit released two new products, Bifrost 2 DAC with their new 'Unison' custom USB input, and Asgard 3 with new modular architecture to allow for future upgrades Both products come with an in-house measurement report under...
  11. Veri

    Recommendations for DAC w/ AES/EBU?

    Sorry if this comes across a bit lazy but I'm looking for a DAC that supports AES digital in, and that will not break the bank. Would rather not spend a grand. Open to used deals. I just see mostly 'Pro' gear and more expensive products supporting AES/EBU. Would appreciate some extra input. Thanks
  12. Veri

    [Sold] SMSL iDea (dac-amp dongle)

    For sale the SMSL IDEA. Had bought this to use with work computer. Not really needed anymore. As new, barely used. Sounds great, goes pretty loud for a dongle. It's really small which is convenient. Improves upon sh*tty audio of lower-end phones or computers (from my limited testing). This...
  13. Veri

    Transformers adding some "iron" to the sound

    So I'm pretty flabbergasted how this is supposed to work, but many audio forums, gearslutz in specific seem to swear by transformers somewhere in the audio signal adding something fun/warm/vibrant/"iron". Transformers of note are Jensen, Cinemag and others. So I got to try some Jensen...
  14. Veri

    *SOLD* Topping DX3 Pro Black

    Not in a hurry to sell, but for those in Europe looking for a fully functional unit that shows no sign of any malfunction. Bought the first of December from audiophonics (warranty from them until 12/2020). Price there was €219 with €10 of shipping. For sale because I have been gifted a marantz...
  15. Veri

    Some measurements of iFi iDSD Pro DAC with comparisons

    So back when I had an iFi black label which was a really nice, powerful little handheld device, I always wondered about their top-tier iFi iDSD 'Pro', especially considering the iFi black label measured pretty decently (good to very good), with its highlight a very powerful amp. On Jan 3...
  16. Veri

    Some measurements of Holo Audio Spring DAC

    EDIT: @WolfX-700 has measured holo spring, holo spring 2 and holo May. I suggest you check out those accurate measurements instead. Enclosed here are measurements by third party (and reseller!) Wildism Audio. Note that they can easily be cherry picked, but let's see how a $1600 R2R-ladder DAC...
  17. Veri

    After XMOS, Amanero: ESS now has an USB chip

    Just something intriguing, ESS now has its own USB bridge, the 'ES8620' chip. Gustard was quick to make a device built on it, released in late September. I don't believe...
  18. Veri

    JDS Labs El Dac (sold)

    For sale this pretty DAC unit. Overall great DAC, the difference with the JDS OL Dac is better internals and higher max sample rate. USB capable up to 384kHz PCM. Chip = AK4490EQ Measurements...
  19. Veri

    FAT sounds best

    Looking at reviews of the SMSL iDea and the Sabaj Da3 I came across this post and felt it was worth a chuckle and a share.. I swear only the audio hobby brings out such hocus pocus into otherwise logical-thinking people.
  20. Veri

    Topping D50 (sold)

    I'm auctioning off my Topping D50 which I bought during the aliexpress sale since I'm keeping my older/less precise DAC and I don't need two. If you need a great performing DAC feel free to bid, I placed an international ebay auction starting at €100/$117. The unit was tested to work flawlessly.
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