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    Bridge Rectifier

    I have a very novice level understanding of how amplifiers work, so please bare with my ignorance. I understand that a bridge rectifier converts or at least plays part in the conversion of AC to DC power. I've seen some amplifiers with heat sinks on them, like this one here. Yet others do not...

    What do we know about Hypex UcD250lp?

    Pretty much just the title. I’m curious how this stacks up to Ncore. I believe the Niles SI-2150 uses these modules based on what I see here. Sold listing, not mine

    Quick Review of the JBL Studio 530

    I’ve spent just over and hour with the 530s and I’m honestly pretty impressed with them. They are definitely not “perfect” or even the “2nd best speaker ever”, but for the money they are hard to beat. As I write this they are still on sale for $300 shipped from Harman. I’ll start by...

    Loudspeakers that are neutral, dynamic, full range, and LOUD

    I’m currently running Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures powered by a ICEpower 700ASC2 based Parasound Zonemaster 2350. Power shouldn’t be much of an issue for all but the most ridiculous of speakers. What I’ve found is the Vandersteens, while nice, have clear limitations in output. I’ve had to back off...

    Parasound Zonemaster 2350 Class D Power Amplifier with ICEpower 700ASC2

    I’ve not had much to post recently since moving and just now starting to get settled. But the delights of having more space has been a driving force into research for more power and after weighing options and lying in wait for a smoking deal I believe I may have found exactly what I wanted...

    Solid State amplifier specifications...

    This is for a Niles SI-275 system integration amplifier. I've asked about this amplifier before, to try to gauge interest of the collective here. On paper it seems superior to the B&K 125.2 in many ways, which I also own. The Niles runs cool to the touch, never even warm. The B&K gets very warm...

    TECHNICS SH-AC500D AC-3/DTS Processor

    Went for a drive today (day off) and wound up spending some time perusing Goodwill thrift stores. Got a decent enough small desk for work for $20, an oak cabinet for $12, and a Technics SH-AC500D processor for $25. What a good day for deals! I have wanted one of these to come along for years...

    SMSL AD18: subjective impressions

    This is a subjective review and comparison of the SMSL AD18 integrated DAC/amplifier. This item was purchased from a private party. I do not have any measurement implements so what follows are my opinions. I will try to be as impartial as I can. I am still surprised by how much these...

    XBOX ONE controller as a USB DAC... WHAAAAATTTT?

    I’m curious how bad it could be.
  10. SEKLEM

    Topping PA3: subjective impressions

    This is a subjective review of the Topping PA3. I’m doing it on my phone so it will be rather brief and not overly breathy. I bought the PA3 on eBay a few weeks ago as a placeholder for another amplifier I was using for a near field, bedside setup. It’s been in use there with a DX3 Pro and...
  11. SEKLEM

    Dayton Audio WBA31 Audio dropout

    When I first started using this device I didn’t have any problems with audio drop outs. Only recently did this problem start to occur. I’d say about a week ago. It seems to be happening increasingly more frequently, with loss of sound lasting 1-3 seconds happening a few minutes apart sometimes...
  12. SEKLEM

    Niles SI-275 power amplifier

    Would any of you folks be interested in seeing how this amplifier would measure? I've had this amp for a few years and it seems overbuilt, but appearances can be deceiving. For all I know it could be an absolute dog on the bench. I did some A/B comparisons, level matched, with a B&K 125.2 and I...
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