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    Vera Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    Vera Audio P400/1000 Power Amplifier Hypex NC500, own buffer, stereo or bridged selection and... silent forced ventilation (two Noctua I think) -> more power. Some key performance data: - Selectable gain in very accurate 3dB steps from...
  3. maty

    Phase shift

    Only some words about phase shift, some designers do care, just now: Updated with image: - End off topic -
  4. maty

    [Video] Speaker measurements by Danny Richie

    I just watched it and I loved it. I was stopping the reproduction to compare with others that I have selected, including my beloved KEF Q100 5.25" coaxial (modded). Forced viewing. Check out the tools of loudspeaker design. Updated with the link...
  5. maty

    Soundstage and layering

    I have been watching these four videos that Danny Richie has uploaded these weeks, but in decreasing order. I have just seen today the last (the fourth) and the first. The first video speaks of soundstage and layering! Very interesting. Weeks ago I gave up on modifying the crossover of my KEF...
  6. maty

    TEST FILES. How to verify the quality of your audio system and other audio tests.

    Many are unbelievers before others who say they are able to detect differences. When I upload files, publicly or privately, there has never been a response, public or private. In this thread I will be sharing different audio files for those who want to use them to assess the ability of their...
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    Hypex NC1200: Quality of the implementations

    The first, the original, the expensive... the Bruno Putzeys implementation. Mola Mola Kaluga mono
  8. maty

    Apollon Audio Class-D Amp Build Quality

    This morning I received a long and neat email from Tibor (Apollon owner), with a diagram and many photos. I think it is the first time that we share correspondence or maybe time ago, respect the ICEpower 1200AS2. Compare yours with the Mola Mola in terms of connection and so on. I had no doubt...
  9. maty

    Class D amps , what’s out there.

    I have a thread in a very audiophile forums, Audiocircle. Amplifiers with IcePower 1200AS2, class D module The best implementation, of this module or NC500 are made by Apollon. I appreciate love for good engineering and doing things well...
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