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  1. Juhazi

    Nature & wildlife photos and videos

    I didn't find a good thread so here we go! and I want to jump a little right away! My family's summer cottage is at a lake that is now part of the National park Etelä-Konnevesi. We have lots of osprey's nests there, but this one is at another lake. Here is a nest camera live online! They spend...
  2. Juhazi

    Christmas carols you like and want to sing along

    Season's Greetings! Christmas is a Christian jubilee for birth of Holy Christ Jesus. It started Europe and has spread widely around the world mainly because of crusades , conquistadors and migration of Europeans. In many countries it is a holiday and as effect of St. Nicholas who evolved to...
  3. Juhazi

    Your favourite music genres?

    Here are results of the poll to readers of German STEREO magazin and site
  4. Juhazi

    Music in Youtube - Independent channels NPR, Paste etc.

    Oh, how I love to hear minimalistic studio live performances these sites/channels offer! We see and hear aboslute top musicians like Adele, Graham Nash, Joan Osborne etc. and talented amateur singers and groups. Recorded in front of live audience in small club rooms or offices with minimal...
  5. Juhazi

    Age of Universe - Big Bang theory is childish and wrong "The prevailing model for the evolution of the Universe is the Big Bang theory.[40][41] The Big Bang model states that the earliest state of the Universe was an extremely hot and dense one, and that the Universe subsequently expanded and cooled. "...
  6. Juhazi

    Greatest names in audio and electronics

    I guesss that we know many, but who all do have a statue? Edison, Faraday, Henry, Hertz, Joule, Ohm, Watt, Volta ? Herr Professor Hermann von Helmholz's statue is in Berlin, in front of Humboldt University.
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